The Loveliest Day.

Last Sunday Chris unexpectantly had a day off work. He came home early on Saturday after a long set of shifts and we were so excited to see him with the added bonus of having home with us over the next two days. Saturday evening we had a chat about what we'd like to do. We spoke about maybe heading off out to the woods for the last day of the school half term holiday, but we ended up changing our minds as the boys were happily playing outside in the garden the following morning.

I headed off out to the shop for a few items we needed and came home with two small games (£3 each) thinking they'd be great for entertaining them and something we could all join in with. The boys recently have been enjoying stacking up blocks as high as they can before they fall down and so I told them about a game called 'Jenga' that I loved as a child and promised them if I ever saw it I'd grab it to play with them. It was by pure luck I came across these and they were so excited, wanting to open it as soon as they saw the box.

We had lunch and played it outside, several games and it was just such a lovely atmosphere. Everyone laughing and just enjoying watching each other squirm and cheer as we took turns. I also bought Connect 4 and as these are smaller versions of the original they'd be great to take on a holiday or on a day trip. Later we decided to head out for a walk and ended up at the park not far from us - we're very lucky that in our village there are 3 parks to choose from.

It really helped that the weather was beautiful. We all were grinning and enjoying each others company without a care in the world. I felt so much relief seeing Chris walk through the door as it had been a testing week. It's difficult when I'm juggling everything alone so when he's there it really feels as if we're more even balanced. Life just feels that bit easier with a friend for support. It was also the morning after reading about the London terrorist attacks and boy, it was tough going at the start. I felt so sad and scared for us all that I just wanted to curl up, but I'm so glad I didn't give in as it was the loveliest, calmest day with my tribe of boys.

I'm so glad that I thought to snap some pictures that day as it'll forever be one of my favourites to look back on in years to come.

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