A Birthday Afternoon Tea.

28th April. 6 days after my 26th birthday, I got my birthday surprise.
Chris told me weeks before that he had planned a surprise for my birthday and he didn't let me in on a single detail. It was really quite nice to have something under wraps as not very often as a mum do I get many surprises (well apart from a poo explosion or a sudden trip over). It was lovely to feel special and thought about beyond the minor thank you's.

As the day crept closer I did start to wonder if it could be afternoon tea as I've told Chris many times that I've never had one and would LOVE to go!

I was so impressed he pulled this all together, by hand with the help of his work place to create something rather lovely for us all to enjoy. And boy, did we enjoy it! It was later shared that he had been going in an hour earlier to make some things for it - aww!
The boys got dressed up looking smart, I had a buck's fizz (went totally to my head since I haven't had a drink since Arthur had been born!) and we ate till our hearts were content. Not all of it got eaten and I honestly couldn't eat any more after.

The husband has a big job to pull a better present off next year! ;)

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