Last Year We Found Out We were Getting You.

9th May 2016, I was struggling to sleep. I kept needing to get up and go to the toilet. I felt unsettled. Hot and clammy. I couldn't figure it out, it was all so unlike me! Until the last time I walked back to the bedroom - I felt you. Deep down, only a matter of days old, but I felt your presence somehow. I placed my hand on top of that tingle and flutter and thought out loud 'you're in there aren't you?' and  I let a few tears go by. I didn't want to wake up and be disappointed that it was a dream, but for the rest of the night, I didn't need to go to the toilet any more. I think you said 'yes, I'm right here!'

I woke in the morning, attempting to get my assignment completed for the deadline that was fast approaching. Chris brought me breakfast of frozen fruit and yogurt. It made me feel sick. The mango tasted so foul I had to spit it out. This was beyond strange for me, what with being a big foodie. Thoughts started twirling around from the night before but I just didn't want to risk trying to find out - what if yet again it was another negative? I had too much of that with trying to conceive Noah. I didn't want to go back to that state of desperation.

But with my friend in my ear 'I bet you are! Just try it and then you'll know!'. It felt completely Bridget Jones, typing away to a friend, like OMG it could be happening! But I did it eventually after hours of putting it off..

It turned out we were expecting you. We were expecting our third little member in our lives. 10th May 2016.
I was scared, worried, excited and happy. We hadn't been trying for you for very long so I was very certain something was going to go wrong pretty early on. It happens it didn't and I'm so grateful nothing did.
I'm so grateful you arrived here safely and I got to hold you.
I'm so grateful that those 9 months were successful and it brought us the most special bundle of joy.
That test changed everything for our family and it was the best thing yet!

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