Family Day Trip To The SeaLife Centre.

15th April. Easter Holidays.
After a fairly quiet week we decided to head to the local SeaLife centre as even though we live not far, we've never visited. The boys were so excited to head out for some family time. We really made a day of it taking a picnic and took some time just to have a chat away from everything else.

For a small centre it did held a lot of animals! There were tunnels and hideaways for the boys to have a crawl and it really brought more to their experience. They were able to get closer to the animals and generally made them more engrossed.

It was such a lovely day, as we rarely get the chance to have a day out just the five of us. It was so cold and windy along the coast though to the point where we had to buy the boys some coats and jeans to shelter them a little more!

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