A Day At Pensthorpe.

On my birthday weekend, my Mum, Dad, Sister and boys headed off for a lovely walk around Pensthorpe. It's not so far from us, but it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I've been to so many lovely places in my lifetime and this is one of my favourites. It was one of those places that unless you knew exactly what was hiding the other side of the trees you'd have absolutely no idea it was there. It was filled with acres and acres of wildlife, dusty paths, fields and parks.

We packed up a picnic of sorts and headed off early-ish to enjoy a full day. The weather was perfect for a potter round. There was a massive inside play area that the boys absolutely loved - me and my sister jumped in there with them too. It was all wooden and like a treetop adventure. There was a outside one too which was incredible. They were honestly in their element (Noah really thought he was Bear Grylls).

We must've walked absolutely miles that day, but it was the best birthday treat to myself if ever there was one. I love a good walk among a place that I can take a million pictures. I definitely appreciate the outdoors and all it has to offer. I'd love to go back again very soon!

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