Snapshot of January 2017.

I wanted to band together each month a few of my favourite snapshot moments that I have taken on my camera. My love for snapping has come back in full force since the birth of Arthur and I'm rather obsessed with taking picture of my loves. I'm in this bubble of contented happiness and I really don't want it to ever pop.

I'm really wanting to keep this blog somewhat as a photo album as there's many moments captured that tells so much. We've had a quiet month for us and that has suited everyone quite well. After the rush of Arthurs birth and the hype for Christmas, we've needed some time to just be together and adjust to the new adventures we're embarking on. It's been hard and testing at times, the boys have been non stop hyper and I'm sure I'm true in saying 'testing boundaries'. We've been making the extra effort to keep things normal and be in the moment so that no one feels like they're not as special as another. I'm certain it is all very normal and a growing issue for all the family, their world has been pretty busy lately. We're definitely getting on better some days than others, that's the big part of parenting isn't it? They have been coping incredibly well and they are completely besotted with their new little friend. There's so much love within that little trio that I think they find it hard to deal with the new path. They are growing up and shaping as individuals as well as dealing with extra adjustments. They're doing their best and we're doing what we can do too. I find it difficult in them moments as there's no handbook to what you should do so I go with understanding and layering on the kindness and leaving room for error.

In a couple of weeks we're shifting in regards to Chris's new hours at work so it will again be a new challenge to settle into, but we know how quick life goes so I encouraged him to go for what he wants and we'll work around. Life is full of compromises and I've realised more than anything you just have to grab it as not everything will be around forever. Our boys are growing at an alarming rate and I have been generally slowing down just to saviour these precious weeks. Faces and bodies are changing slightly every single day. I have a need to preserve every moment, because all that will matter in thirty years is the love and memories of our family. Freddie said to me the other night '*sigh* Babies are such hard work!' as I was juggling putting the boys to bed and making Arthur his bottle whilst he was crying hysterically in my arms. At the time I laughed and went 'Yeah they are, you're right!' and whilst that's true, it can be hard, really sodding hard; I wouldn't have it any other way. I see it as, we're tired at the moment, this month and very likely the next few but in the long run it's really nothing. This stage will be over as quick as can be, so a snapshot is the best we can do.

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