In Photos ● Our First Month With Baby Arthur

It's really hard to process that this little boy is now a month old. He's been here over 4 weeks and tomorrow, he's going to be 5 weeks. It's gone so quick and I can't believe we have so many memories with this precious bundle.

Over the last few weeks I have kept my big camera out ready to snap little shots of his face. It changes ever so slightly as he grows and my, hasn't he grown. I have so many photo's on my phone but it's so nice to take some slightly more professional ones - the quality is on a totally different level too.
We've been so lucky as he's been a total dream addition to our little boy tribe. He's incredibly loved and his brothers won't leave him for a second.

You're a little beauty. I'm addicted to smelling your face and hair. I'm in love with stroking your soft skin and the way your eyes light up as we talk to you. The little noises you make whilst drinking your bottle or the coos whilst we have our chats. I can't wait until you start smiling because it's going to pull us in deeper.
Arthur you have no idea how much of a imprint you have placed on the hearts of our little family.


  1. Cute, cute cute and cute! Just a well I am pregnant or I would be super broody right now

    1. Aww thank you!! I always say he makes me broody and he's mine haha! Xx