New Term, Homework & Parent's Evening!

Just before half term Freddie came down with Chicken Pox which really spoilt our plans - but now we're back to school, I feel that maybe he's playing a lot of catch up! But, It's a brand new term and we're settling back into our routines. I think the boys are really happy about this!

There seems to be tonnes of work to do, a number formation workbook, sound buttons work (I had no idea what these were before I googled it - Fred tried to explain but bless him I was still a bit huh? I'm learning everyday too!) and another work sheet where we had to break down words using the sound buttons! That's on top of his usual handwriting, high frequency words and reading! We've also got our activity homework sheet through too - which luckily doesn't have to be in till 9th December. We shall have to choose which ones he wants to do this week in preparation.
So yes, definitely think most of it was half term work but we never got it due to him being off - but we'll get there slowly..

We've got into the routine of as soon as he's home from school I check through his school books to see what's left to do and then I offer him what's there and he chooses one piece of homework to do. I don't want to completely burn him out so on Tuesday's and Wednesday's when he's at after school club he doesn't do any homework after. He's 5 and I think sometimes there's a lot for them to take on as well as usual routine so we tend to leave homework till Sunday's so he gets Saturday's off to be a kid!
It seems to work really well at the moment - of course we get the odd moan but for the most part he does it as soon as he's home and then is glad to be let go once it's completed! I am starting to worry how this routine is going to get knocked once baby boy arrives.. but we shall have to adjust to keep on top of it.

We had parents evening last week and his teacher is really pleased with how far his handwriting has come in the last few weeks. Looking through his workbook, from September to now and there is a big improvement. I've noticed it's really picked up and has started doing some letters "correctly". I asked his teacher about how he says (we were very sure he was having us on when he said it) that letters don't have to be written properly, just as long as it looks like the letter it doesn't matter how it's written. She laughed and said it depends on the teacher but they're practicing it more to avoid bad habits in writing. But she wasn't at all bothered as he's doing so well.
Everything else was really good, he's good with Maths, Science, making relationships and is even growing in confidence in smaller groups. We weren't really in there all that long as there wasn't any worries to really talk over. It's so nice to come out of there knowing they see the potential in him that we do - he makes us so proud.

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  1. He sounds like he's doing brilliantly. N doesn't form many letters correctly unless they're doing cursive writing, but he doesn't do that much of it. They can't be bothered here, given he's been forming them incorrectly for over a year now!

    I've never heard of sound buttons either. That's definitely a lot of homework. I thought N had a lot - english (writing) and maths worksheet each week, spellings, and then reading each day.

    Thanks for linking up #schooldays

  2. Sounds as if he's doing great! I hate homework! My son is 9 and we still have tears and arguments about doing it. It sounds as though your son has a lot at 5! #schooldays