This week we've been all about taking the slower pace of life as I've got really sore hips which is making things that little bit more difficult. I saw the midwife on Thursday and explained how it was feeling and where. She said that it sounds and appears to be SPD - not exactly what I was hoping for! But saying that, it's not crippling me so I know I'm lucky in that regard. It's only in certain situations that it makes itself apparent and with a mere 8 weeks till my due date, I can't complain too much.

 This week has passed so quickly to the point where nothing overly exciting has happened. Me and Noah had lunch with my mum and sister this week and popped around a couple of toy shops to get an idea for presents regarding Noah. He's at that age where it's best to take him somewhere and see what appeals to him. He's two and one of those whom just appreciates everything that comes his way, he'll play with it whatever it is. But we found that anything with a button and made noise was a winner!
There's just something about going shopping like that, where you wish you could buy them everything - despite knowing they really don't need it!

We've sorted my Grandparents, Mum, Dad and Sister out now so it's only my brothers! It feels odd to know how close we are to finishing - we're so close to the wrapping stage. I'm pretty sure it's Christmas when you get to that stage right?
We're bang on schedule for everything, there's little bits and pieces to sort out but we've actually made it on target and that's a fab feeling! We've got little guys moses basket, changing table to set out and then we're there. We're waiting a couple more weeks until we get them set out and how the weeks are going that will feel like tomorrow!

I'm glad we've been a bit quiet as we've got a crazy December coming up - possibly the worst few weeks, but it'll be a distraction from the countdown!

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  2. Oh yes, I think you needed a calm week to prepare you for the madness! Glad all's well and hope you're not suffering too much with your SPD x Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Hope your SPD remains manageable. Sometimes we all need a nice calm week :) #wotw