31 Weeks Pregnant, Nesting and a Birthday

Last week I decided I really need to start taking more bump photo's, and now I'm wishing I had started from the moment I started to show. I'm 31 weeks today and wow, yet another week has come around so quick. In around 8 weeks we will have our third little guy and I'm getting so I'm more excited than anything now!

Chris was on holiday for the last week so we managed to get on with so many jobs. I'm pretty convinced that's why I'm feeling so much better this week, I'm feeling more relaxed and prepared. We moved and cleared out so much clutter from our lounge cupboards, so many tub lids from the kitchen cupboards - generally tidying every surface and it just felt really good. I decorated our toilet room on Monday when the boys headed off back to school and nursery - it's been one of them jobs for the last couple of months that I had been putting off but once it was done I felt such relief. However I did notice that the next morning my hips were feeling very sore and that I struggled when first standing up out of a chair or turning over in bed. I'm now wondering if maybe I've got the onset of SPD (which I'm really hoping isn't; fingers crossed it's just a unused muscle strain) - I have midwife next week so shall ask her.
The boys room had a bit of a move around, boxes and chest of drawers were organised in time for Christmas. Then our room had a twist around in preparation for the moses basket and changing table to be set up - still to buy a changing table that and a few bottles otherwise I'm completely ready for this little guy!

This week has been one that has tided up so many loose ends in my head and on the list for me. I'm so glad as I hate feeling stressed and bothered, I'm definitely not one that ever really worries over much so when I do - it feels major!
One thing that was bothering me how the budgets just didn't seem to add up yet this week I've finished the Christmas shopping for the boys (got one small thing to get Noah just to make the financial side equal) but then it's onto Chris, grandparents, parents and siblings then got to get wrapping! We don't have any plans really for this month so should leave a little flexibility in the budgets - well least that's what I'm hoping. It really is a take it a week at a time type thing right now.

The Chicken pox sadly caught up with Noah this week after we were getting pretty sure, that just maybe he had missed the bullet? Nope, Tuesday night I caught sight of 4 spots on his chest and 3 more on his back, then the next morning there were more. He's been suffering a lot more than Freddie did with his which has been really hard. There's been a lot of tears and discomfort for him and it has been heart breaking for us to change him as his face just looks crushed, poor thing. He's very covered compared to Freddie who had not very many - but most are starting to blister over now so hopefully by next week it'll have left our house for good!

Chris turned 29 on Wednesday so we had a easier day. Baby boy's pram also arrived that day - which I was so excited about. It's really cute! I had it where I thought there was little point in getting out just yet, but I couldn't resist and I'm really happy with it, just goes to show how a few things stringing together can really change your perspective. Family came over in the afternoon for cake, a sing song and to hand out presents then after us 4 had a pizza party - a couple of pizza's with nibbles essentially but the boys were happy. After they went to bed we snuggled on the sofa and watched Man of Steel which we both enjoyed - superhero films seem to be the only genre that we both like other than certain box sets. I met up with my best friends on Thursday for pizza, catch up and general mooching around the shops - this is where I completed the most part of my Christmas shopping. Then last night we went to see Doctor Strange in cinema as Chris's Birthday present which was so good.

Today is a bit of a lump back to reality as Chris's holiday has ended and he went back on a breakfast split shift which is his worst shift, but we have to get back to it at some point and it's not all that long until he'll be off for paternity!

It's been quite the rollercoaster week - the total opposite to last week!

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  1. You have been so productive! Glad it's making you feel better. Ah yes, there was no way a sibling would escape the chicken pox! My son had his second and it was worse than Boo's, and I did read that that's usually the case when a sibling passes it on, poor things. Glad Noah's on the up now and a belated happy birthday to Chris x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Oh we have! I'm really glad that it's linking up and ticking lots of things off all of a sudden, last week it felt like everything was getting behind!
      YEAH I think we were too optimistic about Noah not getting it haha! BUT we hoped as it restricts so much - ahh that would explain it, we wondered if it was an immune system related thing! many thanks xx