This week has been a strange one, it started off really good! Chris has began to regularly have Monday and Tuesday's off now at the hands of his new boss, which makes things so much easier! It means we can make plans and although we rarely make 'plans' as Freddie is at school on them days, it's lovely to know we will have Monday mornings alone together as Noah heads off to Nursery. We've began making a list of jobs we want to complete before baby boy arrives so Monday mornings are the perfect time to cracking on with those but now half term has began I believe this next week will be slightly off track. Chris does have holiday booked for 31st-5th so I'm sure we'll steam ahead - I'm getting so I want to move our bedroom around to properly accommodate baby's moses basket and changing table!

I also had a 28 week growth scan for baby boy as part of my diabetes on Tuesday, which after our 4D scan was pretty lovely! We found out that he is currently weighing 2.6lbs and the consultants were really pleased with how things are progressing, so that made me happy. One of the things I really have any control over during my pregnancy is my diabetes and that's been good. It's nice to know something you work hard on is showing in the results. The scan did also show that he's currently breech (although at the 4D scan 4 days before was head down) - but because he was the consultant said we'd have to review my options if he is still breech at 32 weeks. I'm really not worrying too much on this, what will be, will be. He's proven that he has plenty of room to rummage around in there so I have the confidence he could turn a thousand times by then! The only thing is, we had a similar situation with Noah so I do kinda worry that history could repeat itself and that's not something I'd ideally want to repeat.
Freddie also had his Harvest Festival assembly this week which I sadly had to miss as I was at the hospital, but Chris and Noah went, taking a video to show me after the performance - Fred had been singing 5 red apples all week to me so I got an idea of what was going to happen. It was so cute hearing him singing to himself at times!

Wednesday was a odd day, Chris had the morning off which was lovely, gave us a little while on our own before he left for work. I love a morning where I can potter around. Noah napped on me which was odd for him as he's that feisty and independent 2 year old who doesn't have time to sit and snuggle for more than 30 seconds (unless he's tired!) But as Freddie was attending after school club it meant that he was able to take a little nap before leaving, however the school missed us off the list to inform us that the club wasn't on. We got a phone call from the school to which they've only done once when he fell and hit his head, so I feared another accident had happened but nope, just to pick him up. His teacher joined us when we got there and pointed out that he has two spots on his head and they noticed one on his belly and 2 on his back - uh oh! (They were not there in the morning) She suggested that it could potentially be chicken pox as a few of his class mates have been off school with it over the last 2/3 weeks. I really hoped not as half term was so close and I had planned some things to do, but nope. Chicken pox it was and over the last few days there's just been more spots arriving. He's been pretty well in himself, just very cautious not to rub or irritate his spots. There's been no complaints about itchyness yet so wondering if it comes later as they heal. Noah also has yet to receive it, so I'm also wondering if and when it will come. After collecting Freddie I did wonder if maybe Noah's falling asleep on me was a sign he was about to have the same but 4 days have passed and there's nothing just yet.. still time I guess! Although, I treasured the time to breathe in his hair and to listen to his small snore. I always look and fall completely in love with his little face, and I just hope he never feels like he's been replaced as he's going to become our 'middle' boy because that totally isn't how I feel about him.

So yes, we've had a odd week. I'm hoping next week will be brighter in the fact we can enjoy our half term but for now we've got to make the most of it by doing indoor activities like baking, movie days, crafts etc fingers crossed we get a chance to explore outside!

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  1. Oh the poor darling, Chicken Pox can make your feel very grotty. I do hope he's coping OK and managing to get some sleep in.
    Yes, your half term is going to be very different than planned - but I'm sure there will also be lots of cuddles too
    Take care

    1. Yes, we have had some grumpy moments but he's been really good about it like patting himself dry instead of rubbing etc I'm pleased he's doing the best he can for himself - I just feel he's getting a little bored being stuck inside so I will be glad if we get a chance to get out all together. Lots of cuddles cure quite a lot of illness :) xx

  2. Oh dear, poor thing. Sounds like he's doing pretty well with it, though. I think my boy came out in spots around 10 days after Boo did, so I'd say that's when you'll see Noah's. A week of indoor fun it is then! Hope the boys don't suffer too much and I swear by porridge oat baths and piriton to soothe any itching x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. He really is - I'm so happy though as after hearing my experience of Chicken Pox it was a little daunting that he could potentially go through the same!
      Ah no! Bless him, I think he would be mega gutted if he wasn't able to get to nursery next week. We've had to change plans but doesn't been indoor plans have to be boring - lots of baking it shall be! I have read about the porridge oats which sounds so odd but lots swear by it - I think I'll have to use it if any itchiness arrives! xx