Baby Number 3 | Second Trimester

This pregnancy is flying by. It's really surreal to be reflecting back on the second trimester - I'm definitely thinking it's due to my little eskimo's up above. They're keeping me busy daily and so with that this little one gets put on the back burner unintentionally until he kicks, rolls around or there's a scan/hospital appointments - cue a lot of mum guilt - although when he arrives I'm sure he'll be getting more than his fair share of my attention!

And that leads to how massive the second trimester is and was - we found out that baby was in fact team blue! I'm not going to lie, I did have a few hours where I felt a little emotional at the thought of us not having a girl. Even though I knew deep down I was having another boy (when the symptoms were so different, I'm calling it instinct!), I felt sad that we weren't having a chance of a little lady. When looking at clothes before we knew, I swayed towards the pink things and the thought of completing our family with a little female version of us was a pretty lovely thought. But it wasn't meant to be and I soon snapped out of it as although that's a dream I had I knew wholeheartedly that I loved our little baby and once they were here, I'd smother them in kisses and look out for them as much as our two other boys. However, I did feel incredibly guilty for feeling that way but I think sometimes we have moments where we gravitate towards a certain thing - I think for me it was that I've had two boys and I wanted to buy girl clothes and have a look at pink blankets etc. I knew this one was going to slot into our family life like he's always been here and I couldn't wait to see who he was going to look like, where his face would slot into the family photo's, what personality he would take on and make our little trio of boys complete. I loved shooting our gender reveal, it definitely brought the wondering back - those brothers of mine are so special, I can't wait to see how they are with another brother!

Much like the first trimester, I continued to feel pretty ill up until week 16 with nausea. I continued with breathlessness which was really horrible and I felt pretty embarrassed, but eh, making room for baby right? Suffering with flu like symptoms towards the end of the trimester also put pressure on my whole body, namely my hips when I walked too fast - but we got through them and I really count myself lucky as despite this being my 'roughest' pregnancy it's been pretty lovely. I'm treasuring every moment in a weird sense like I maybe didn't with the boys - I know how quick all this goes and as much as a lot of the time he's on the back burner, he's exactly at the front of my mind. I'm not even sure that makes sense but I know I can't wait to meet him.

We also learnt that my placenta is a anterior placenta meaning the egg attached itself to the front wall of my womb rather than the back. This is totally fine in itself, as long as it's a strong one, it'll mean baby gets all that he needs but back in the earlier days, around 17/18 weeks I did start to wonder if things were perhaps alright. I didn't feel any movement and as a mum twice before I knew you felt it fairly early in subsequent pregnancies, with Noah it was around 16 weeks but once I attended our first 4D gender scan (17 weeks) I found out why I hadn't felt anything much (had a few suspect nudges but not definitive) - it's definitely been cushioning a lot of movement which made me feel a little sad as feeling baby move is my favourite part of being pregnant. It's just completely incredible and special, but I'm so glad he's okay and that I've felt a lot more since the 20 week scan.

Around 25 weeks I started to have the urge to pack my hospital bag for me and baby. It was really overwhelming and I couldn't figure out why I felt this way - it was a immediate emotion - so I started writing lists at this stage to feel like I was getting prepared. I think it was just daunting on me how soon Christmas is approaching and how I wanted to be organised. Having two boys already meant we had to talk budgets as soon as summer was over and you know what, it's been paying off, a few things here and there makes a lot of difference. We're basically ready now for his arrival, bar getting the house how I want and getting the pram and moses basket here and out, we're ready. I'm having nesting ideas (what I like to call thoughts about things I want and need done before he arrives, but yet to actually do them!) - it's crazy how much we completed before I stumbled into the third trimester!

Names have been the hard this pregnancy. We struggled with names for Noah so I knew it'd be a big task, but somehow we've managed to compile a small list and we've got it down to two names that we all agree on and are happy with. We're keeping it top secret until baby is born as I found if we got too attached to a name it made it hard to almost be certain when they arrive (cue the whole Archie/Noah thing!). I'm really strange when it comes to names as I have a way of figuring it out based on their personality in the first few hours/day and I just have a gut instinct as to whether something is right or not and some of the names that got suggested, I liked but I couldn't visualise or work with it as it just didn't 'fit' somehow. I'm intrigued to figure out more when he arrives!

So I would say we've had a eventful second trimester, it's a little scary how quick we went through it but I know writing it down will bring them events back to life and I can't wait to see what the third trimester shall bring us - already some interesting things!

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