A Quiet Week

I'm starting to find that the weeks are blurring into one - It's been quite a quiet week over here so I supposed it doesn't help with the blurriness. We've had a very indoorsy half term which has been a bit disappointing but nothing much could be done regarding that, but I'm pleased to say it looks like the pox is finally off our radar. Noah still hasn't managed to catch it just yet but I've been told the incubation period is two weeks - so still a chance!
But actually a quiet week has been rather nice in many ways as it's given us all a chance to catch up on things we needed to complete. I've found my motivation has come back so that means I've made a list of things that needs to be caught up with blogging wise and photographed for a couple of reviews. It's amazing what a few days of feeling productive does!

We have had lots of fun moments like baking and a movie afternoon watching Avengers with treats. We even had a bit of a day out at my grandparents after the Midwife on Thursday (everything is good). There's been lots of mini 'my have you grown' moments too such as Noah flicking through a Picture Dictionary pointing at all the things he knew and when Freddie decided to read to me a leaflet that came through the post. It's been a lot of pure quality time and having the most bizarre conversations. As a family we're naturally open about talking about anything so when Freddie asks questions about baby, I try and tell him the slightly toned down version of the truth, yet it's factually right. I love it when he asks questions about things, even when you wonder how he's even thought of them but his curiosity can only be seen as a positive. We had a conversation about how baby has a drink when he's thirsty and I basically had to tell him about amniotic fluid and the purpose of it, then the talk of the umbilical cord - but he finally concluded that baby is just drinking belly water! Yeah, that's pretty much it..

I had the feeling trapped feeling this week what with staying in so much, normally I wouldn't think nothing of staying at home and pottering around but because we had that sense of 'we can't' leave; it made you feel like you wanted to break out - luckily Monday I had a eye appointment at the hospital as part of my diabetes care. I ended up having a bit of a day out with my mum and sister which was really nice. Chris had the day off so stayed with the boys and had a lads day whilst I roamed the shops looking at clothes and baby items!
It keeps hitting home how soon he's going to be here when I look and whilst I've got near enough everything for him now - it's really scary. I'm 30 weeks today and it's highly likely baby boy will be here in 8/9 weeks (!!!!!) and whilst I'm incredibly excited I don't feel ready - I'm so glad Chris is on holiday from next week so that we can go through our nesting to do list! I had a mini meltdown last night due to what's left to do and budgets, generally not feeling like it's enough for the amount of time we have left. I know it's just my head and everything will work out fine but can't help but have that feeling unsettled presence lingering! I think it's normal to start panicking around now though yeah? I often get these feelings like I'm not doing enough which is putting pressure on me, it's definitely because it's all coming into one - but I often say to Chris "we've made it this far, so we will be able to keep going!" and that's true, we always make it work and the boys are happy.


  1. It really is flying by, isn't it? I feel like you only just announced your pregnancy! I'm sure it will all come together, you have totally got this :-) Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. It so is and think I've got to that stage now where I know what's going to happen very soon and feeling quite overwhelmed by it all.Thank you! :) xx