I'm currently sitting at the dining table, with a lemon pie green tea - yum! Noah tugged at my dress a few minutes ago and said 'I want bed' so down for a nap for him and Fred has discovered his favourite programme is on 'Fort Boyard' on CITV, so happily ran off to watch it, leaving me to get on with housework.. but then I realised. I've recently (today in fact!) made a decision for the moment to at least blog once a week about what we've done, just for memories sake if nothing else. I've been trying to work out what direction I want this to continue and I want it mostly as a diary for the future. A place, somewhere with everything somewhat written down to read back on. They're the things I enjoy most reading about and I enjoyed writing up last weeks post. So, if it means once a week round up for now, then that's where I'll head.

I'm definitely, and forever will be someone who worries about everything and absolutely nothing. I don't think I'm even aware that I do it a lot of the time, until it comes overwhelming and I have to sort through it and go 'seriously? just stop, sort it and move on', but this week has been filled with drama in our family so I think that hasn't helped. We've all been a little on edge wondering what the outcome of these few things will be, but I'm glad that we're finally getting clearance on them (to some extent). I think sometimes when things happen, it brings to the front what is important and you have to ensure they stay protected.
My marriage is one of the biggest things I often think and reflect on, we've been married nearly 6 years and together nearly 7 and I often think 'this is massive' - Chris has been my only serious relationship and I can't imagine it being any other way. We've come a long way in them few years. But there's always them times where you feel you're drifting and for us it's been due to his work. We're in a position where I'm due around Christmas (eek 14 weeks ish) and we've got two little lads who deserve the best, and also no doubt will have their life disrupted for a while until we all settle into a new routine with baby boy. So he's been working as many hours as he can so that we can be ready for both occasions and for that I couldn't really love him any more. He works really hard for our little family and whilst yes, it's hard being a mum and somewhat flyin' solo a lot of the time these last couple of weeks; I appreciate his effort so much, we wouldn't be where we are without him. So last night I cooked us a 3-course meal to say thank you and he was really surprised as we've never really done anything like that. Our date nights have always consisted of a takeaway and film - but this gave us proper time to talk and relax together, I think we definitely need to make it a regular occurrence!

I'm not going to lie some days had been tough but I feel it was down to the recent heatwave - I'm way too hot normally let alone with the added humidity. I was definitely one willing on Autumn as quick as it could possibly come.. so, yup feeling happy with these cloudy and rainy days. I can finally sleep and get comfy in bed again - that is the sign of heaven as a pregnant mama!

But we have been finding ourselves into a little routine especially at bed time where the boys shower, put on pjs and at 7pm we settle down to watch Horrible Histories and sometimes Operation Ouch on CBBC before bedtime. I've been finding them settling down a little better after that chill down, it actually gives them time to feel sleepy before heading up. We have also done it so that they go separately which works a treat if Noah happens to drift off on the sofa. The days go so quick when they're both at school and nursery - I feel I spend most of my time walking up and down the road taking and collecting!

Today I turn 24 weeks and I'm trying to work out if it's not further as I feel HUGE already! I look at pictures of when I was pregnant with Noah and I look roughly the same size now as when I was 34 weeks, which is a little scary. But I'm looking forward to seeing little guy again, in exactly 4 weeks. We're having our 4D scan - fingers crossed for some lovely shots of his face, I want to see him so I can start to put names together that suit him. We've really been struggling, but this week, over date night we've finally got 3 solid names that we're like 'Yep, I really like them' - I'm hoping some more come just in case!

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  1. Good luck with the baby and the new family dynamics. Thank you for linking up with #WotW

    1. Aw thank you! Always so many changes in such a short spot eh! X

  2. Sounds like you're very busy there, adjusting to new routines, too. Glad it's going well and you're managing well with your husband working so much, too. So lovely to cook him that surprise meal, it all looks delicious! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. It has been pretty busy, but it's all for a good reason, I'm looking forward to when he's on holiday end of Oct hopefully :) thank you, he really enjoyed it and appreciated the thought I think! X