Finding The Routine, A New Teacher & Lots of Homework!

The Summer completely whizzed by and before we knew it, it was time to buy the uniforms and get back into school. Noah started nursery this month for two mornings and he's been so excited, I think it's because he has something of his own - he really wears his jumper with pride, it's adorable!
Our big boy from what feels like, absolutely nowhere has started Year One! He was both looking forward to going back and a little reluctant to get out the door. Freddie really enjoyed the slower pace of the Summer, he's a home bird is our Fred, he's never too fussed about getting out and about, he enjoys the home comforts whereas his brother is completely different and loves getting messy outside.

Freddie has been back two weeks now and is settling into the routine of getting up and ready. His school is fairly small so they've combined two years together to make 4 classes, so he's in with new Reception children and there's a new teacher this year. So it's been a learning curve for both him and us as the layout is different (they're currently building their block so they're in the school dining hall) - plus their teacher runs reading different as last year they changed their books as soon as they've read it, whereas this year they're sent 2 books home for the week. But new teacher totally means her own rules and Freddie seems to really like her, saying she's very kind which is lovely. I'm glad he's taken well to his new situation - it always helps when they're accepting.

I've been pretty blessed with boys that are happy to wander off into their setting without so much of a backward glance. I also feel sad that mine aren't clinging onto me also, but it obviously means they're comfortable enough to use their independence which is what we're training them for right? So after a week of settling in, Freddie came home with a bunch of homework - I was a little shocked at how much of a step it was from last year but, actually it isn't all that much more, it just came home in a massive block!

Last year it was usually reading, high frequency words and the odd sheet of homework for the weekend/holiday but this year they have all of that plus activities (4 to complete) before 14th October (I actually realised that's hardly in any time at all) for show and tell on the 14th. The activities look really interesting and not too much hard work, just a little fiddly especially for a boy who has been enjoying his weekends up to date chilling out. But we have the freedom of documenting how we like!
This term is called Magical  Me - so they're learning about their senses - so the activities we've chosen this half term are
  • Go around a supermarket and spot 4 healthy foods - Freddie has chosen to take photos and to write what he saw.
  • Find pictures of you as a baby, toddler and now. Organise into a timeline and describe how you've changed over time - Freddie chose to find some photos and decorate the timeline with dates and describe how his body has changed.
  • Find things and people who are taller and smaller than you - Freddie decided with our help he will measure with a ruler all his family and put in order who's the tallest and smallest, then the same with his favourite toys.
  • Choose your favourite book and talk about it - Freddie has decided to do a picture of his favourite part of the book (I've yet to hear which book we're going to do!) and write a little on what it's about.

At the moment, I've planned to do one a weekend and two on the last weekend, as Friday's he's usually so tired and ends up laying on the sofa most of the evening. I don't think they'll be too time costly and I think he will really enjoy the measuring one as Daddy said he could use his tape measure out the tool box!

We found out Freddie has jumped up two reading levels over the Summer which is incredible. We didn't do loads of reading or anything over the holidays but it just seems he's grown up so much, his pictures from last year just makes him look huge. It's strange how they grow up so much without you barely realising! he really enjoys reading so he was ecstatic at the jump up and his books now are a little more challenging.
Doing his homework with him on Sunday just gone was really lovely as it transported me back to the time when I used to sit up the table with my mum and siblings and do our homework. Sunday just seemed to be our homework day unless we had a project to do then usually the whole weekend, but it was amazing to see how much progress he has made. Last year he really struggled with writing, losing concentration with it and using a loose grip but watching him Sunday (pictured above) it's so good. He still lost some concentration after 4 lines but practice will make perfect. He thrives on getting cheered and clapped which is really sweet. His face lights up when you say 'that's a really good one!' - got to keep up whatever works eh? I'm really looking forward to watching how he progresses over this next year!

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  1. Sounds like he's coming on really well. And good job on the reading. N is still on level 3 which is what he was on from about March. It's a bit ridiculous now because he's getting 6 books a week (2 Mon, Wed and Friday) and is getting really good at reading them, so really needs to move up. But he still hasn't learnt some of his phonics, so I think I'm going to have to teach him the missing ones because those are the ones he's struggling with knowing when reading.

    It is a shock when they get so much homework. N has English on Mondays, Maths on Tuesday, and then in theory spellings, but so far he's not had any o those. He did the topic agical Me last year - your school must use the same topic company as ours do.

    Thanks for coming and linking up. #schooldays

  2. Yeah you really notice things when you get a chance to sit down and do homework with them don't you? I remember his first set of frequency words and he read them off straight and I was blown away. He seems to enjoy it! I would definitely see about helping with the phonics I'm sure that would help a lot, last year they didn't really do the phonic thing at home but it was apparent he knew them from his progress file in the classroom but this year he's got some coming home so we're doing a bit of all of it, it seems!
    I was really surprised but I suppose some of it may be to do with his new teacher, but I enjoy helping him with homework as I feel I miss out on so much of his learning when they're at school most of the time, really gives you that time to get up to speed with them! X

  3. The Boy has also just gone into year one, i was amazed by the amount of homework. This week he's' pretty much had to write a short story! i couldn't believe it. Although we never had any homework at all until year 7!


    1. Oh wow really? that's huge for a Year One kid! I hope he did well!
      Ah I always had homework and used to moan about doing it on a weekend, they go by so quick as it is so it wasn't appreciated haha! sounds like you were lucky :D xx

  4. I love this time of year and getting back into a routine, but it always takes the kids a while to get back into it doesn't it? Even though our two are older they are grumpy for the first few weeks. I love al your leaning activities and great way to develop skills x