The Diaries of Robin's Toys | Book Review

We were very kindly asked a few weeks ago if we'd like to review a collection of books - we jumped at the opportunity! If there's something we all have in common in our little family, that's a love of books and reading.

Freddie started school back in September (and going into Year 1, next month?! Ahh!) and like many parents, we're shocked at the amount of learning that goes into our little people. He started school with very little knowledge regards to reading - he loved choosing a bedtime story and often one in the day prior, but since that first term, his reading has come along at a shocking rate. I see such pride in his face when he says a sentence without any hesitation and I often wonder how he knows so much in such a short time!
I'm always running out to gather a couple of new books, either from the charity shop or from The Works to keep the magic of reading alive. It's a proper life skill being able to read so I'm very keen to keep the boys engaged. They have their favourites, but they do love a new read!

We were given the option to choose a collection the boys would be interested in and we decided to go with The Diaries of Robin's Toys and I'm so glad we did!

Each story begins the same, sharing that every toy has a story to tell and then goes onto the tale of Robin going to a car boot with his Grandpa every Sunday morning. He is given 50p and goes to choose a toy from a stall in the hope that the toy has a interesting tale. Grandpa makes the toy come alive with a special magic verse and we get to learn some background to the animals in the story.
Both our boys have a relationship with a soft toy (or two) so it always makes for a funny talk about what their teddies stories would be - but of course they wouldn't be at the car boot!

 I really love the style of these books; they're done in a visual diary format, with a spiral bound effect on the cover, ruled paper inside and pencil sketches adding to the story. It definitely gives the feel of actual diaries that have been stashed away! The books are recommended for 7+ and we decided to go with this as now Freddie is 5 and reading more, his vocabulary will expand as he grows. There were very few options for his age group so went for older (there were some for 3+ but felt this may be too young for them both) but, I feel this can only be a good thing - having a few 'older' children books in the house can only encourage them. Each book has roughly 100 pages so you feel you get plenty of story and is perfect for a older child to read alone.

Our favourite book out of the collection was Gavin the Gorilla and Snuffles. The boys really enjoyed the narrative and Noah kept pointing out 'Monkey' throughout the book. There's something lovely about having a collection of similar yet different stories - there's 10 in this collection and we enjoyed reading one in the evenings. Definitely some books that shall be on our book shelf for a good few years!

A big thank you to Sweet Cherry Publishing for sending us these books in return for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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