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Since falling pregnant, I've been grabbing for the early nights and quieter days. With the Summer holidays fast approaching a few weeks ago, I made a point of slowing down to enjoy the little things - the holidays are always manic; there's barely a moment where you get to sit down so I gathered the pile of books on my TBR pile (in an effort to have a little 'me' time). Many I have had on there for what feels like years, so I thought 'I REALLY need to get reading and sorting through these' (plus I had also banned myself from buying any new reads until I have).

We had some really gorgeous days in July, many a little too hot for my liking but I wanted to make the most of it whilst it was here. We're now into August and I'm looking at bleak skies! One of my best ways to ride the heatwave was to settle in the garden with a book, drink and ice lolly as the boys played. I found myself really enjoying some quiet time whilst overlooking my lads huddled together involved in a game of theirs.

I'm sharing my July reads - All of which I thoroughly enjoyed!

The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells jumped the queue as one of my closest friends sent me this gem of a book when I was feeling low. I have been struggling a little regarding the way I look and especially in the early days, my diet. Only wanting things full of sugar (certainly helped with the fatigue) didn't help with the image issue. Previously I was on Slimming World and really enjoying losing the weight that has crept on over the years, so falling pregnant and reaching for the naughty things, was tough! She also has started her own lifestyle change and raved about how brilliant this book was in helping her see things from a different angle.
I have to agree, the book is a story, yet self help guide. It gives you tools and provides a different way to approaching your diet, but mostly your own self image. I like the fact that it shows a gentle light of inspiration without being patronising. A really interesting read!
I was pleasantly surprised at how good this book was! Anyone who reads this blog, or follows me on social media will gather I'm a lover of rom-com/chick-lit books (and films!). I love this type of style and this didn't disappoint. It was definitely a book I enjoyed more than I originally thought I would - and don't you just love that?!
It's about a girl, Honeysuckle (Honey) who confesses to her friends that she has a issue with boyfriends, so they set it upon themselves to find her, her perfect guy (personality and between the sheets) - they decide a pianist would be good with their hands..
Then a new moody, mysterious neighbour moves in, Honey soon realises he's the opposite to everything she's ever wanted.. yet there's chemistry. After finding out his big secret, she decides to see what could happen.

I definitely recommend it if you're a lover of Bridget Jones and Sex in the City - it's really captivating! I completed it in just over a day!
Megan is a mute due to horrific circumstances that happened to her best friend. She chose to not speak as she must not repeat what actually happened on that eventful day. The new girl at school, Jasmine seems unfazed by the lack of conversation from Megan and they form a friendship. Megan slowly gets so she wants to speak to Jasmine and unexpectantly falls in love with her too - she seems the ticket to her voice coming back.

I quite enjoyed this book, the mute aspect was really interesting to read and learn a little more about. It was also a good way to understand some of her relationships since the accident and the pain it caused her and others around her. It was a book that kept drawing you in, it wasn't particularly fast paced but it was filled. I also found it a little predictable as there were moments that you could predict a while before they actually happened - but a brilliant read!

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  1. Oh, I love having good book months! Glad you've managed to carve out a little me time. You are disciplined not buying more as you have many, too - I keep saying I'll do that yet that pile mysteriously keeps growing! Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep x

    1. Same here, I really picked up a few books and thoroughly enjoyed all of them which is also quite a surprise in itself! I have decided to not spend any money on new reads until I had gotten through the pile - mostly to spur me on! Although there's a few I'm dying to get my hands on, but I also have a few unread ones on my Kindle! xx

  2. You're pregnant?! You're the 2nd blogger in days where I completely managed to miss that they were pregnant, where have I been, lol?! Congrats!!
    The Goddess Revolution sounds like a book I need at the moment! xx

    1. So sorry, I've only just seen this (eek need to look at emails more often!) But I am! Thank you :) 23 weeks now - flying by!!! It's a very good read! Xxx

    2. So sorry, I've only just seen this (eek need to look at emails more often!) But I am! Thank you :) 23 weeks now - flying by!!! It's a very good read! Xxx