I've a to-do list the length of my arm and most of them are blogging related, but I'm just trying not to bother about them too much at the moment - and try and live, in the moment. Or in other words, do what I feel my body is up for. I don't want to write up too much about my pregnancy (see our announcement here) because I'm uploading a first trimester post very soon about it all; lets say it's been very different this time around. So my activity levels have really dropped off (only for the moment hopefully) and it sucks. I'm used to being on the move, tidying the house up faster and being a little more organized. However lately, it's been about the slower way of life, despite it really not being that much slower - at all.

It's definitely been a time for finding a happy medium and as I'm at the stage still where some days are better than others and we can only really go on that. There's been appointments left, right and centre but there's been some fun times such as Sports Day, a Summer Special performance and yesterday Chris and I headed off to London for a date day. It was my late birthday present to visit the Tate Modern and just have a day together. The galleries were brilliant and it surprises me how much you can see for no cost and the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition was so good. I really loved her flowers back in college and I even copied a section of it for a project, I did feel a little gutted that it wasn't hanging on the wall in there. I'd have loved to have seen it in person, but there was so much more that I learnt and saw of her earlier works - plus Chris really enjoyed it all too! I could really see that, despite art not being his chosen thing, he tried to appreciate the images and that was lovely to hear on the way out that he enjoyed his time in there.

We're nearing the time where the summer holidays are soon going to hit and I feel somewhat guilty that there's already a bunch of hospital/midwife appointments! Chris and I have already began discussing when he needs to book holiday off and what we want to do with them; I'm really looking forward to having some time out with them and fingers crossed we get a little bit of sun (but not too much as I seem to wilt in the sun at the moment!).
However before that, I'm just taking every day one at a time. Battle the hay fever, grab some rest, read a book, stay on track food wise and realise that in the moment is what matters the most. Everything else is slowly getting back to normal - every day I think 'tonight I'm going to do this' but I end up just curling up into a ball and feeling like I'm done in.. I end up just preferring the above picture ;)

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  1. I think you're absolutely right to just take each moment and day as it comes and let your body let you know what it can handle. Sounds like you had a lovely date day, glad you both enjoyed that so much. Yes, the holidays are almost here, I am counting down the days! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day together. Definitely agree with just living in the moment and listening to what your body is telling you - although it's hard to slow down sometimes isn't it. Hope you enjoy the summer holidays and get the right amount of sun - not too much that you're uncomfortable, but enough to enjoy :-)