Then There Was Baby Number 3!

So we have baby number 3 on the way. This feels like MASSIVE news!
On May 10th, came the news that we were expanding our brood and we couldn't have been more shocked. I stood in my mums bathroom literally shaking after convincing myself the 'symptoms' I was feeling weren't actually symptoms - it was going to be negative so why was I even bothering?
Well some things you just can't ignore can you? Mango suddenly tasted really disgusting. And that raspberry milkshake Chris offered me - well I was certain it was off! I'm a big foodie girl, I don't really do fussy and especially not aversions. So it sent off some small alarm bells. That and the several trips to the bathroom the night before. I laid in bed on the last trip and covered my belly with my hand. A little voice in my head piped up "there's someone in there, isn't there?" I kind of knew before I knew. I just didn't want to get my hopes up only for them to be smashed.

With Noah we were "trying" for 1.5 years and it became exhausting, but one day, it just happened and it felt so right, it was so right. He lights up our life. And thoughts of another did the same, so we hoped that maybe it'd happen again for us one day but we never expected it to happen.. quite so soon. We were in for the long haul. No pressure, just let's see where we end up.

And here you are. There it read. I feel so lucky that we've been blessed with another one coming into our expanding gang. Today we saw you kicking and waving your arms around on the screen and it once again felt so real. Even though this is number 3, it feels so new again. It's a new adventure with a new little person inside of me. Wondering who they'll be and how their personality will slot into the mixture already here. I'm looking forward to sharing and documenting this journey here as I never did that with the boys.

We look forward to meet you Blob. (Chris's nickname for no.3 as we were looking through the baby app and I went "ooh baby looks like a blob at 6 weeks - and there it stuck.)

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