Taking photo's for Mummy

Back last month when I was studying, Chris suggested taking the boys out for a while. To simply give me some space and genuine silence. "We'll go for a walk and you can really press on without any distractions" - I was so grateful to his suggestion.. but I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of their trip out in the sun. I was stuck inside under a mountain of notes, literally trying to find a way to gather this information and put it into 'academic writing' worthy. It was hard, but I did get some done that day.

Chris said he'll take the camera so I could see where they went and got up to. Freddie could even have a go at taking a few snaps, he moaned as they popped their shoes on a he didn't want to go out for a walk (he's quite the indoors boy!) whereas little Noah was out like a shot in his wellies - now he's one that loves to be out the house. But, actually despite his protest, he enjoyed it the moment they crossed the road and taking pictures was a great bonus purpose. I'm so glad he took the big one and got these shots - they're so gorgeous. I may have to get my lads behind the camera a little more!

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