I love how this picture sums up how our lives has been recently; colourful, up in the air and busy. I've been really taking time out from this whole blogging business and I think it's down to needing to get back to my family. My course definitely took over at times, to the point where I'd miss out on little things because I was studying, preparing or writing assignments. I was pretty relieved it was over, once that last essay was written - I submitted (albeit without references - to which I panicked, rang my tutor and found out that whatever I submit last is the one they read. PHEW.) and I just wanted to soak up these little people.

And since finishing, that's exactly what I've been doing, enjoying family time and relaxing in the evenings. It's been so lovely to just have them few hours doing pretty much nothing - I definitely recommend it! To be honest, the whole blog seemed a chore.. but it's down to the last essay really sucking out my enjoyment for writing - I'm glad it's starting to pass as I've been feeling so guilty for not publishing anything. This was my place to really enjoy writing and get our little story written and there's probably so many little moments that I should've mentioned or captured and I simply didn't as I was too exhausted. But life happens and, I'm just glad I've started to pick up my Instagram once again. It's my mini blog for the everyday happenings and even one photo a day really brings so much.

This last week has flown by. I have odd periods where I feel it's going so slow and others where I'm questioning what's really happening. But this week has really been dominated by films. I went to the cinema with what is basically my cinema buddy now, El. We saw a film that I had been desperate to see (although why is another question) and that's Me Before You - I read the book, actually from a book swap, one I hadn't even heard of, although I was familiar with the author JoJo Moyes, though having seen her name floating around. But the book was sensational and I cried buckets for the last section of the novel - honestly, it was almost embarrassing. I have this thing where I just get suckered in by feeling. I really feel for the characters and I genuinely put myself in their shoes; it happens every time and I always end up an emotional mess. I wouldn't change it though, because I always feel this is my biggest and maybe best personality trait. Being able to connect and empathise, even if I haven't had an experience like it; I will feel it with you. So if I come out the cinema and my best friend laughs and goes 'you okay? you look like you've just been through a break up' I will take it and wear it with pride - especially since it was actually heart breaking!
Room was another one I watched this week and wow. I really loved this one, but I love the way I came across it because that just makes it like a story in itself. I really enjoy reading film reviews - every now and again I'll just look up latest film reviews and read quite a lot of them. I've even written a few of my own over on another blog A Subtitled Life. So, I came across Room in the reviews, and I couldn't find a single negative one. It seemed like one you couldn't miss and was up for all the awards - the story itself sounded harrowing yet so compelling.
Again, I cried a few buckets. It was very heart felt and one where you couldn't keep your eyes off the screen. The two main characters were amazing - it was a fantastic film!

I've lots to catch up on this week, I've a list of blog posts I want to do and have been meaning to do for ages! So, I will get back on that - I hate having gaps, I want this blog to be filled with things we've been doing no matter how big or small. I know we will appreciate it as we grow.

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