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So I missed last months Paper Corner post so I decided to combine both into one. These last few weeks, I have kept a firm step out of all stationery/book shops meaning no temptation -!
That being said, I have purchased a few books on my kindle! It's so bad of Amazon - they send me these emails saying '99p' '£1 books' etc and I feel compelled to have a tiny look and see what they have and before I know it, yup you've guess.. a few have been so damn easily transferred onto my electronic device! I was thinking of doing a 'what's on my kindle' post, if you're interested do let me know and it may take a feature next month :)

I've been a bit rubbish for social media and the likes just recently, but I have kept up my reading! I find it such a easy wind down activity when you're really not feeling much else - I have turned to Netflix too in the evenings (I love Spooks!).
I've read 4 books since February's post, so keeping up with my 2 books a month. It has been fitting around parenting a lot easier as when boys are playing nicely, or we're out in the garden, naptime etc it feels like there's no pressure, a chapter slips by quick otherwise you can pick up where you left off!
So starting back on what I read in March - At the end of the month I began reading what I didn't know at the time, was the second part to The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect. It took me some time to really get into this story as it was written very ridged, structurally. I found out later that, Don has a lack of interpersonal skills and hates to be touched. If I remember correctly he has a place on the autism spectrum. (Suddenly felt a lot easier to read - I had suspected but until known it's hard!)
Rosie, his beautiful wife drops the bomb that 'we're pregnant' and we follow the rather hilarious project of B.U.D (Baby Under Development) as Don prepares for fatherhood, with his personality. Once I actually got into the book and the style, I couldn't put it down and ended up finding myself giggling at his interpretations (not actual laughing at him but the findings within his situations). Disabilities are fascinating to learn and read about, and I find even more so when they're written as through their thought processes. I really want to get my hands on The Rosie Project and see how it all began!

I went back to my tablet in the beginning of April after seeing this gem of a book advertised on Twitter by Avon Publishers saying 'if you love Outnumbered this is the book for you'. I of course, LOVE Outnumbered so I had to reach over and grab it!
In this book we follow Audrey, a perfectly normal mum in her late 40s living in a ordinary house with her lazy teenage son and the girlfriend he's glued to. Audrey works as a dinner lady at the local primary school and part time looks after an elderly lady, Mrs B not far from her. She has a very questionable boyfriend called Stevie whom she's infatuated with, but can only meet up with him at motorway hotels because 'he's always on the road with work'. Winning an award as Dinner Lady of the Year completely out of the blue she gets the choice of a French Cookery Course or £5,000 - she choses the Cookery Course and that's where both the magic and drama happens!
I really enjoyed this story, there were a couple of surprises thrown in and it was strangely where I could imagine myself in another 20 years. Audrey was very relatable! I'd love to try some more Fiona Gibson books, especially if they're all as easy reading and pleasant as this one was.
This follows the beautiful story of Teagan and Kane, two orphans who fall in love as young children. Inseparable and a life full of dreams together, Teagan leaves for college at 18 to attend the school where her parents met. After time Kane withdraws and says that he's moved on, Teagan, whom couldn't understand and was completely heartbroken tried to continue after her adopted family agreed that he had moved on.
Years later Teagan, who still holds a torch for Kane confronts him and over time it appears that Kane had actually become blind and in pushing Teagan away he meant to unburden her with his now disability. It's definitely a story of heartbreak - it's so emotional. I cried a few times but it was a story where you rooted for them. It was shocking to realise that he had turned blind - but it made so much sense - it caused fractures and confusion between all the family members but I'm pleased to say it was a happy ending!
I absolutely loved this book. For one that popped by in an email for 99p it's probably one of the best books I've read so far this year - it's always worth a quick look in my eyes as you can easily pick up a few treasures.

Earlier last month, I also attended a play 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' which was absolutely brilliant. It's a story of Christopher, an autistic child who find his neighbours dead and goes on a mission to figure out who killed the dog. It's a tale of misinterpretations and struggles that Christopher has to overcome to find out the killer. I read half of the book before we went to the show and I was thrilled at how close to the storyline it really was!

Last but not least, I've been working on my last assignment! I have to say I'm looking forward to not stressing over deadlines and being able to enjoy more time doing the things that make me smile. This course has been a massive eye opener to all the things - time management, my writing skills, how I work under pressure and what I'm looking to  do in the future. The next few weeks will be heavily paper filled, trying to get the last one in on 19th May!

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  1. I've read The Rosie Project but not the sequel so I'll have to look out for this as I did enjoy the first one. Glad you've managed to get more reading in, I know the balance with studying! Have you decided what you want to do after your access module? Thanks very much for sharing with #paperypeep x

    1. Oh I wish I had read it, for some reason it didn't click until the end! Thank you, it's been a very good relaxation technique for me - it's been quite a funny one. Erm, honestly not really, I shall do a post about it next month once I've finished, but I really feel I need to have the career in mind before signing up for a part time degree, it's more loaned money and what I thought I'd like to do - I don't think I'm all that good at doing it! :/ but i'll share more soon! X