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Well to say it's been some time, would be an understatement. I thought it was about time I wrote something (anything!) on this page on the internet, it's been too long and I honestly feel like I'm missing a huge chunk of our lives by not writing something down. But life, has really taken over recently! I've been busy just doing lots of little things and by the time I sit to think, I am usually too tired to really sit and think.

But I figured a update would be the best way to resolve some of this thinking issue, by just telling you a little about what we've been doing and sharing some of the pictures we've taken over this little while (my Instagram has even been a bit neglected!)

The last place we were was Freddie's Birthday - he turned 5, and is well over 5, I remember thinking in the middle of last month 'how has it been 4 weeks since his birthday?' simply as I was starting to make plans for our Noah who has turned 2 - I know - what's happened! I did however get round to writing their birthday letters. That's something that has really stuck with me, writing their letters on birthday eve, just to have a pounder over their life and our relationship over the last year; it changes ever so subtly - the underlying love for them never changes, but you notice different things and you notice how their personality brings a new aspect to your bond. So writing about their personality and things they've learnt, sharing a few photo's show all their growth - that's something that I want to remember above it all.

Freddie woke up on his birthday, completely spoilt by his friends and went off to school to return to a Thunderbird 2 cake and a birthday meal with his family. My brother even managed to come as he was home from Uni for Easter - he is his favourite person (and very likely the most patient) so that was a present in itself. He got a 3DS for his birthday and has basically tried to glue himself to it ever since!
I was so proud of our efforts with this cake - we knew we had to make one as he's a Thunderbird mad little fan so it seemed the  obvious choice. Only trouble was, there's no Thunderbird cake in supermarkets. We  made it our mission to create his favourite Thunderbird 2 - I, drawing up the template, and away we went. We're definitely bakers in this house, we love to whip  up some cakes so the challenge was a very enjoyable one. It didn't come out perfect as neither of us have really used ready roll icing before, but it turned out looking like Thunderbird 2 (model for comparison). Chris made a  Thunderbird 4 mainly for decorative reasons as you can't have 2 without 4 - he's purely made from icing. He loved it and was so shocked when he saw it!

Over the last few weeks, we've been making a effort to get out the house more as a family. A little walk seems to bring a fresh mind to most of us and gives us a chance to explore around our home a little more. I'm also continuing with my weight loss journey so it helps with them goals too. We've all been both blessed and cursed with the weather the last while, but we've still been out.. would you believe 10 minutes after the above picture was taken, it poured it down?!

I've been very lucky the last couple of months in being able to leave the littles for the day and have a trip out with friends - it really refreshes me to have a few hours just out of the home environment, to talk and experience other things. Earlier in April, I met up with a couple of friends for an afternoon of girlie time - Prosecco, Chinese Buffet and giggles - one of my best friends' has come home and it's been brilliant to have her company again!

A few of us headed to London, we visited the M&M shop and went to a play 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time' and it was brilliant! I read half the book literally before we went and I was surprised at how in truth it was, funny and uplifting! Here, in the picture we were in M&M world which was a really cool shop housing millions of M&M's and all the merchandise - definitely worth a little pop in!

As I mentioned earlier, Noah has turned 2. It was a bittersweet day for me, as it really symbolises the shift from little to that bit bigger. In a few months he will be off to nursery and there really will be no baby in the house! He's become such a boy these last few weeks, so I've really been treasuring him growing, relishing all the little things he's been doing and learning. It's like he's chewed up a dictionary as since he turned 2 all the words and phrases have been pouring out - it's amazing to hear and see.
Our littlest guy is obsessed with the Minions, we must have it on at least once a day (The Lego Movie has reappeared too!) so the theme of his birthday party wasn't a hard one to figure out - we set out masks and little chocolate favours around the table - even a couple of games as well as the birthday cakes. I made his favourite one, Bob and we had a shop brought Stuart too!

One of my best friends have come back home after being away for the last 5/6 years, we've met during that time for girlie catch ups with friends but we've never really been able to have much involvement with our little ones. So now she's back and somewhat settled we've planned to have a play date every so often for us to have a little chat and for the little ones to play together - we had our first one last week and the kids were amazing! All  played lovely and it was a really calm afternoon. We've another booked for later this week which shall be really nice as our two little ones really hit it off being only a month apart in age.
It's really lovely seeing them interact with other children as you get a sense of what they'll be like when they head off to nursery or are at school!

Besides ALL of this, I've done all the everyday stuff, plus my OU work - the course ends later this month so I'm still drowning in all of that, until my last assignment is handed in!
I've a few posts to do over the next few days so they shall come in soon and I'll then be back properly from the 21st.

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