Slimming World - Take Two - Week 5 - 9

I've started to notice how much I'm devoting my time to my Weight Loss Journey and I'm quite pleased with that as it means my head is focused and I feel my body is following suite. I'm currently in week 11 as I type this up and it feels really good to reflect as I may have 'only' lost 5lbs in March - but I'm feeling good for it. A combined 1st 5lbs in 9 weeks is pretty good going! It does make me wonder where I could be in another 9..

Food has been pretty good going this last month, I hit all my March Goals - you can read them here apart from losing 7lbs, but I'm okay with that. I smashed my 'try 2 new recipes' as I ended up making an impressive 6  new things..
I lasted the whole of Lent and beyond without a takeaway. I gave them up as I wanted to prove myself that I was able to stick to something and I didn't waver till a couple of days before hand when I felt stressed - My emotions are a big factor of me wanting to eat rubbish, but I talked myself out of it as I didn't want to ruin  my streak and opted for some soup instead. After a few mouthfuls I figured I wasn't even that hungry and was satisfied with my lovely Butternut Squash soup!

I'm much more conscious of what I eat now and how much rubbish I used to eat. Chris is always saying 'are you eating again?' or 'how many times have you filled that water bottle?' but they are all good things! I try and only eat when I'm hungry.. but I don't always work to that rule as water may be filling me up, but it's not good to use it as a replacement for food. And I do love my food.

I may not have lost much in the way of lbs but I'm definitely finding that I'm appreciating my body again, I got to the stage where I just felt big so I didn't really bother with myself. Now I feel more confident and I'm loving being about to fit in clothes that I have struggled to wear nicely for months. I woke up feeling pretty good about how I looked in the top pictures so decided to do a comparison with the day I decided to restart SW again.
I was pretty chuffed with the results! My tum has always been my problem area and I know it will always be a problem but, there's a difference - maybe my tummy is just happier with healthier food. It's not bloated these days unless I eat a lot of rubbish in one go, but I haven't really.
In March I turned down a chippy tea, a Chinese offer and had a girls day completely on plan food and drink wise. I was really pleased with myself as they are the times where I'd think 'sod it' and just enjoy it - but on all them occasions I didn't feel the need to have them which is a non scale victory in itself. I brought a new jacket and top in Primark in size 16 & 18  which doesn't sound anything amazing - but before Christmas I was having to reach for the 20's and even they could be snug!

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  1. You are doing so well, look at the difference in the photos! What a great loss and it also looks as though you are eating some very delicious food at the same time. Well done :) Thanks for linking up to #memyselfandI and I apologise for being late in commenting as I have been unwell x

  2. You're doing great!! The food looks delicious & you're looking fantastic. Well done for reaching all your March goals. Thanks for joining in with #memyselfandi, hope you can join in May xx