Happy Birthday Noah!

Dear Noah,
It's your birthday eve and I've already shred a little tear at your birthday layout.  It's time to face the fact that you're turning 2. I had that little moment where I reflected back to the moment you were born and how glad I was it was all over, yet properly beginning. Your birth was the hardest, but it brought so much relief and happiness to know you were born well and okay. I remember looking at you in the early hours a few night later, unable to get out of bed very well, holding what felt like my stomach on my toes and holding you close. In that moment I really looked hard at you and vowed to remember that moment forever. Remember how your face screwed up, how tiny your fingers were and how perfect your little nose was. If I think hard enough I can picture the details.
I still do this 2 years later. I think you being our 'baby' makes me feel like I need to notice everything more, every day you're taking a new step somewhere unknown. Every day you're growing into a little boy, far from the baby you were all them nights ago. Since Christmas you've really become my little buddy, you follow me around and talk non stop - your words are forming and you just make me laugh! "Okay, Mum" "Cake, where are youuuu?" "ah ah ah ah" (monkey noise)

You're such a crazy little fellow, such a delight to have in my life as you're so different to your brother, its quite nice to learn all about you. To play in your world and see how you overcome your challenges. I often wonder how you're going to develop and what will become your interests - at the moment it's buses and animal noises. You have a favourite teddy named Cake, which you actually named. Bing and Twirlywoo's are your favourite programmes. Minions is your favourite film. You laugh when everyone else laughs. You sing to yourself. You love wearing wellies. Playing with water is fun for you. Being outside is your favourite place, whether that's playing, at the park or going for a walk. Cheese is your favourite food.

Our life is just beginning. You're one of a kind and we're lucky to have you by our side. Your face light up my days, you'll never quite know how much you mean to me. I wish you didn't have to grow up as you're just perfect as you are. Your little round face, your blonde furrowed eyebrows and miserable pout, your cheeky grin and gasped loudly mouth are part of our family bubble. Always remember to keep being you as I want to hear them giggles for a lifetime!

I know that you're not very aware that it's your birthday, but we're excited for it (as well as a little sad!) - I'm looking forward to seeing your face at some of the presents you've got, you've been spoilt rotten.
Happy Birthday for tomorrow, my little to be two year old.
I love you lots and lots. Mummy X

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