YooHoo! Mail | February Box

I shared a few weeks ago my January Box and I raved over how much I loved it. So when I saw that the doors were open to ordering the February Box - I jumped right over there. I find that, despite only having witnessed two boxes, I'm totally in love and definitely hooked on this stationery addiction.

YooHoo! Mail boxes really don't help my addiction for all things pretty, but for £10 I feel we get so much to moon over. It's a box of happy post.
This month is going along the same lines.. I can't wait to show you what was sent!

I really love the prints that come through, I'm being to picture a print wall in my dining room area. I am a lover of prints so this is going to be a great project - I'm thinking of different style and colour frames. I think I may put this into practice when my birthday comes around next month!

Stationery is a big love of mine. I used to get excited at the end of the Summer when my parents would take my siblings and I pencil case shopping. We'd rock into a shop and marvel over all the little items. There was always a massive range of pencil cases, pens, pencils, highlighters, you'd spend forever picking because this was going to be the pencil case of the year. I feel very much the same about stationery these days. However, being a mum, it means I don't tend to 'buy' much for myself - it all has other uses but these boxes have become my monthly gift to myself. At a small price of £10 I allow my stationery addiction to grow with unique papery goodness through my door.

Any of you that know me, will know my weakness in stationery goodness is cards and postcards. I have a big selection and I love every single one of them - I've been completely spoilt whilst having these boxes as 5 cards have come through in each subscription and it's made me beyond happy!

What catches your eye?


  1. I'm jealous! I love the rabbit card, so cute! x

    1. Thank you Kay! It is really adorable isn't it? xx