Winter Time Surprise Project

There's nothing quite like getting post, especially pretty post. I've joined a couple of pretty/bookish swaps recently and there's nothing quite like packing up a carefully selected box for your partner. Hoping the details they've shared with you, matches with your items and that they open it with genuine happiness. This is the primary reason why I joined up to this box - it's built on kindness. I'm a firm believer that you reap what you sow and actually, joining in with a little project like this brings around a lot of self satisfaction.

There's a £5 limit to these parcels - I personally don't include postage in that amount. I have a look around and see if I have anything around which is preloved or abandoned that would be appreciated in a new home. I completely forgot to take a photo of the final parcel, but I wrapped up all these items in purple tissue paper and washi tape. I thought it'd be lovely to receive something that took time to unwrap and enjoy.

I was told by my partner that she really loved her parcel, which I was really pleased about. You always hope that is the case.
I wrapped, a ladybird card, floral fabric, camera mini sketchbook, mini lists, coloured pegs, heart whiteboard pegs, a chevron pencil and a butterfly necklace.

My partner Lucy did brilliantly, everything was to my taste and it brightened up a very miserable day! I fell in love with the box, I knew seeing this that she had made up a parcel of trinkets that suited me as a person. I'm so excited to use these items, I shall find a use for them I'm very sure. how lucky was I?

The little box, I've popped it on my desk and have piled some stationery items in - it looks gorgeous!

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