Sandringham Woods, Handmade Cards and Confidence #LittleLoves

This week has been a lot lighter. Freddie has been happier at school, therefore I've been feeling much happier. I've completed some little bits that tick off more on my Uni work so I feel like I've got that a little more 'together' - it's been a week of getting everything straightened up.

I'm still reading The Rosie Effect - I wasn't so sure of it at the start but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I'm so glad I stuck with it and followed the 'get to page 50 before deciding to give up on it' rule - around page 38 I started to warm to the writing style. I feel this is going to be a book I'm sad is finished. I can't wait to review it very soon!


Last weekend we went on a walk together through Sandringham woods. We were very lucky that it was dry, despite being pretty chilly! It was so lovely to get out the house and share some quality time together. The above picture was taken after Noah fell in some mud on his bum, buying his wellies was the best thing I've purchased this year!

We have probably watched the minions film a few hundred times since the release of the DVD. My boys are obsessed with the little yellow creatures!

This week I've watched Aloha on Netflix which features the gorgeous Bradley Cooper and two of my favourite female actresses Emma Stone and Rachel Mc Adams.  Such a lovely film!
I've also watched Margin Call which was really good! It was a film based on the start of the financial crisis in 2008, it was very analytical but was a great watch. Kevin Spacey was in it.. there's certain films where you think 'this is going to be decent' purely on the cast don't you? This was one of them. Talking of Kevin Spacey - the new season of House of Cards is on Netflix - I can't wait to get watching that!!


I listened to this tune the other day.. I love it when you come across old songs that once were the song to sing along to!


My biggest boy came home from school yesterday and gave me this card. It's one they made for Mothers day, he's written in it also - I love little things like this, it shall be popping in my memory box after the weekend.

I've been wearing a brilliant shade of 'confidence' lately. I've lost a total of 17lbs in 6 weeks and I feel so good for it. I'm smiling a lot more as my clothes fit so much better - there's no stopping me this time!

I did put my boots on for the first time in ages last weekend for our walk. The weather has been real good meaning I have been totally fine wearing my pumps daily. Woop!

And Lastly..

This really touched me when I came across it as an Ad on a YouTube vid - I usually skip them as soon as I can but I watched this one. I have to be honest that I never noticed the emoji thing before this video - I'm definitely big on emoji's and women empowerment so this was a lovely watch!



  1. I loved the rosie effect and the follow on book the rosie project. Sounds like a lovely afternoon walk. Love your mother's day card. My toddler has made me one which her daddy has hidden until tomorrow, I can't wait to see it.

    1. I'm really looking forward go reading the rosie project, I'm not wanting this book to ever end!
      Aww your card will knock you off your feet, there's nothing that can replace a thing like that :) xx

  2. Well done you on the weight loss, what an amazing achievement. Your Instagram pics are still giving me lots of inspiration even though I've fallen off the SW wagon a bit lately!

    Looks like you had a lovely walk too. Nothing like a fresh trek through some woodland to blow away the cobwebs. Hope you have a wonderful mother's day, what a beautiful card. xx

  3. 17lbs in 6 weeks! Amazing! Well done! I'm still stuck on 12 but I'll get there eventually. Sure gives you a kick when you start noticing it in your clothes and feeling better about yourself doesn't it. That Aloha film sounds good, might have to find it on Netflix myself. Have a great week x

  4. WOW! Well done on the weight loss, that is so impressive! I'm struggling to even shift a pound a week!
    I really must watch House of Cards, I've read and heard such good things about it.
    Hope this week has been good for you xx