House of Cards, Sticky Chicken and Wearing My Hair Up! #LittleLoves


I'm on a new book this week and I'm 36% through it already. I do love my kindle for telling me the percentage as it's surprised me how quick I've been flicking through the pages. I follow the  publishers 'Avon' on Twitter and when they announced this new book, I had to research it. It was highly recommended to fans of OutNumbered - well I'm a massive fan of that long gone show so I couldn't wait to download it! It's really funny and as a mum I relate to so many parts of the story regardless of the fact I don't have a teen son - I do however, have a brother!


This week I've been trawling through Netflix - the new season of House of Cards is back so I've been trying to sneak time to watch that in the evenings (I've figured out that I'm obsessed with Kevin Spacey's voice.. *weirdo alert*)
I also saw the film 'The Voices' with El, on the weekend which was really different to what we were expecting it to be - oddly creepy yet hilarious. How a film manages that, I've no idea!


I've heard tales from my friends. We met up and went out for lunch on Saturday and it was so lovely to spend time with favourites - one of our little gang is coming back home after being relocated the last 5 years! I'm looking forward to hearing more and seeing them all more often :)

For my March Goals I wanted to try 2 new Slimming World recipes, as to mix things up a bit and I've read for months how people raved over 'Sticky Chicken'. I decided to give it a whirl on Friday and it's the best thing I've eaten in a long time!! It was so worth all the syns and more (although I couldn't eat more. STUFFED.)

Saturday I decided to wear my hair up which is quite a big thing for me. I'm usually one for keeping it down as I worry about people looking at  my Hearing Aids and I always felt my face was too fat to really like having it up. This last few days my confidence has soared so I went and decided to pop it up. I got a few compliments!

And Lastly..

Flowers have a way of making you smile more.


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  1. Oh man, that sticky chicken looks amazing! I need to check out the recipe.
    You look fab with your hair up, so pleased that you are feeling more confident.
    Hope you've had a good week this week xx