Dear Freddie,
Once again, it's the eve before your birthday and I'm writing a letter to you. I simply reflected on last years letter to you and it made me smile - know why? because all that I said sits perfectly for how I feel about you now, a year later. Normally I'm getting emotional, but somehow this year it all seems a little easier to come to terms with. I can understand why you're five and how you've reached yet another milestone. Being five just seems to go in hand with school and you've been at school some months. I've been watching you learn and mature over this time. I'm often stopping to wonder how you're actually five and knowing so much.

Tonight we had your birthday party at Farmer Freds and you had so much fun, I noticed your sad little face once it was done. Willing it not to be over just yet, only you didn't realise that it's just the beginning. I wrapped your little presents this evening ready for the morning. We only got you a couple of little things as the party was your main present from us, you've been really spoilt this year. I can't wait to see you glide in the room tomorrow and do your shocked face when I say it's your birthday. We've been doing the count down for the last couple of weeks.

This year we've seen so many highs and lows, you're growing in so many ways and it puts a smile on our face - often a frown too. You've been growing into such a fun little lad, forever needing to satisfy that curious nature. I simply adore your inquisitive side and how you ask so many questions. I love how you call me 'Mumma' now and often snuggle up beside me as we read your school books, you're so affection and really cheeky. You have many moments where you snap and glare at me, but it's easy to turn your frown back the right way. I notice how time seem to go slower when you're not about, you're my little friend and you make me laugh like no one else.

Your little face is growing up and your heart stretching wider. You're my little love, my first little boy to have in my arms. I'll never forget how lucky I am to have you (although honestly I'm thinking about this night five years ago - agony!). You've been a saviour in many situations and sometimes my voice of reason. I love you so much and I hope you'll always be the lad by my side.

I guess we're another year around. It's gone so fast but I swear I haven't taken you for granted. I touch your hair and smooth it out, often thinking 'you sweet little thing' - I went to say goodnight to you and you smiled just now.

Good night my sweet one, I'll see you in the morning for your big day.
I love you, Mumma x

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  1. oh geeze, came in to check on updates (feel I have been neglecting you since trying to get ready for my new business launch :-( ) and wow this post made me sob! Anyhoo hope you are all good and well. Can you send me your address so I can send you a sample - well what is the point in having friends if you cannot share awesome stuff with them ;-) xxx