These last couple of weeks have been real lovely. We celebrated Mothers Day last weekend and I was a luck Mumma as I didn't have to cook all day, got some roses and cards. I've also had a break in the terms of studying and I've been wondering what I used to do with myself as there seems to be so much more time to myself. I think this is mostly the fact that Freddie is at school whereas he'd only just started when I first began the course.

I've enjoyed time to myself, reading and blogging here and there. I've played with the boys and did food prep for my lunches and  our family meals. Everything just seemed to slot in easier and my, the house is tidier than it has been in months. Studying really does take my energy, and I know why.. it's because I'm not all that good with academic writing. I'm trying and I don't think I'm the worst, but I find it so hard to write so regimented. It's only something that can develop over time, but I'm still not there - I don't think it's 'me'. However, there's one last essay that I have to tackle before the end is in sight.. it's finding the motivation!

My motivation may be lacking there, but it's been made up everywhere else. It's Freddie's birthday on Friday next week and I've not really had a moment to soak it in. I think once they're at school you've started to accept that they're growing up - well  I feel I have. It won't stop me from having a little sob next Thursday night (after the soft play party with his school buddies).
I've been busy making up party bags, writing invitations and generally hoping everyone replies as soon as - Freddie is so excited about his party, it'll be lovely for him as we're planning a family get together after school on Friday where he can  have our presents. I honestly find myself wanting to give them the world at times like this, it's not practical nor is it needed, but I'm excited he gets two special events.

Freddie has been much happier at school and we've settled the issue. I find this has really helped me relax and enjoy things again. Being a parent is really tough work, emotionally more than physically most of the time - I'm a natural born worrier in my head and once something gets stuck there I can't stop until it's resolved. I find it moreso when it's one of my boys, it's another one of them moments where you understand your own parents that little bit more.

Days seem to be flying by at the moment, but in March for us marks the start of the party season in this house as we celebrate 3 birthdays in 5 weeks. It's pretty insane! But as much as it's going to be hectic, it's my favourite time of the year. I love birthdays and planning.

We've got a busy week coming up, but we find they're the best. I'm looking forward to next Saturday and being able to soak up all the memories and fully remind myself of all the best times.
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  1. You do sound more relaxed having stepped away for a moment from the studying. I hope you manage to find your motivation for that one last essay. I have two more before my exam so I know I need to write my next one at some point next week - I'll get there! Exciting times coming up for you all then, it's lovely planning for birthdays. I hope Freddie has a fab party and birthday x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. It really does help me to focus on other areas, therefore more blissed :) I do hope so too, fingers are crossed for this next week!

      Thank you so much Jocelyn, I'm sure he'll have a hell of a time! xx

  2. Hope Freddie has a lovely party and a lovely birthday. Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day too - breakfast in bed is the way to my heart!! #wotw

    1. Aw thank you, I'm sure he will have loads of fun :) yes mothers day was so lovely, definitely the best day to be fussed over! xx