Toucan Box | Tie Dye Butterfly

I feel I say this every time, but this box was loads of fun - my favourite yet! I do have to say the Toucan Boxes are brilliantly planned and the activities are interesting. Freddie is always excited when I suggest doing one and as half term got plagued with my assignment work, this was a lovely activity for us to do together.

This pack was to make a tie dye butterfly - mainly the wings and it was really fun to make. We had 3 coffee filters and some markers, a clothes peg and a pipe cleaner. We did a little free styling on the coffee filter and created some really cool patterns and colours. It was a simple activity but it was a really lovely one as we folded up the paper and watched the water blend the colours.

It recommended a 5-10 minute wait after the filter was in the water so we did the Buzzy Bee bonus activity  whilst waiting. Freddie wasn't so much into this as he was watching the filter bleeding! It was supposed to make a buzzing noise but I couldn't hear it (probably doesn't help that Z is the word I can't hear or pronounce very well).

I popped the filter out on the line to dry in the cool sun, but it didn't take long and looked so pretty flapping about. The colours are so lovely and Freddie was very happy with how it looked.

Afterwards we agreed to use the other two filters and make our own patterns - his is on the left and mine is on the right. I've yet to figure what to do with mine.. it's really pretty and I feel I should do something with it!

After all was dry, we made the wings from the joint one and popped it together. Using the clothes peg as the body, pipe cleaner as the antennae and the filter as wings. Here he doesn't look impressed but, he was trying to figure a way of making the butterfly flap without losing the wings.

I think the instructions could've been a little more helpful in the last stages, otherwise it was the perfect activity. It gave us time to bond and talk whilst not carrying out a too complex activity. He made me laugh at one point where I said to him "I think this will look really pretty, like real butterfly wings, don't you?" and he turned and went "Mum, I hate butterflies, I saw one once when I was little and I hated it". I literally howled as he's reaching that age where he's completely frank about things, talks with no barriers and sometimes it's insulting or really hilarious ;)


  1. These look great. I think Bear is still a bit too young for these boxes, which is a shame as I quite fancy getting some! x

    1. Yeah Noah's the same but I can't wait till he can! He loves anything messy and where you can stuck in :) xx