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I wanted to write a life lately, simply because there's always little bits that go on in life that don't really fit in a post of their own. I've been a bit swamped in life this last month, the last assignment really took all my mum power away. I felt pretty rubbish as a mum over half term as that was the time I was writing up, pulling apart and just trying to include the many facts on the many pieces of notes I had. There were many hours spent at my laptop that week and I felt boring and so uninspired over that time, as I felt it was pulling me away from the time I should've been spending with my family. My mum and sister saved me for a day and took them on an adventure (park, Great-Grandmas', walk and a Mc Donalds for tea!) and it was a relief as at least they were going to do something fun over that week. I ended up getting 60% in that assignment and admittedly at first I was relieved it was over the 40% pass rate, but then I felt a bit upset at all the hours I spent 'to only get 60%' which was silly 'cos it's a good mark.

I'm finding my passions again this year. I'm focusing on the things that make me happy and what enriches my life. I think this is down to the course, I have to share my time with the studying that I'm noticing what I love doing once I've got some spare time and it's been reading and watching, really good films. I've been really loving the type of films like Suffragette, The Danish Girl and The Theory of Everything lately - are they a particular genre? Deep and moving films - something that make me think and appreciate what's around me, that's what I like.

Having time to relax a little and enjoy my little family and loves again has been so lovely. We're at that stage as a family where we're finding the balance. It's only taken nearly 2 years. Things just seem easier, I think some of it is down to Noah being able to walk near enough everywhere now. We don't need as much stuff to take with us when we go out!

These last few weeks have been a little uneasy here. We've noticed a real shift in Freddie which has made us keep a strong eye on him (and made me spend many evenings worrying about him). He's just seemed a little deflated as of lately, his teacher has noticed him not being his normal self at school saying he wouldn't talk to many people a few days this last week. Been looking teary, yet not saying what is the problem when asked. This bothered me as Freds is usually excited and chatters non stop so to hear that after a morning of not wanting to go to school, that it lasted all day and subsequent days.
Lately, we've known him to be more active in the evenings, poking around after bedtime, being a little odd. We've had the odd night where he comes down and grunts when spoken to, popping back to bed with a gentle 'let's get back to bed my little sweet' and some where if you touch him he bursts into tears. Recently we've heard him poking around upstairs and he's in our bedroom standing at the end of our bed in a puddle of wee. It's been a little strange but we've noticed once he's back in bed or once we pick him up it's like he's fast asleep - we've started to wonder if our little lad is in fact sleepwalking.

It's apparently very common in young children, his brain is constantly processing information and that'll continue whilst asleep. He's had huge learning curves this last year what with heading off to school and all the new changes that brings. He's continuing learning about building relationships, school work and family life. All this caused me to turn to Google primarily some support, sleepwalking happens to run in families. I was a sleepwalker till my teens, I'm not aware if it's continued - Chris hasn't mentioned anything if so!
I came across something that seemed to fit him exactly which is 'a highly sensitive child'. Freddie has always been a really sensitive soul, I've said it to Chris so many times when he's teased him, you can tell he take things very to heart. He's so attuned to things so a mixture of it all has made me wonder if any of it is related or separate things. Part of me thinks he just enjoyed half term and didn't want to go back, yet my mothering waters feel unsettled. I've had lots of "Mummy, I miss you when I'm at school" and "I love you Mumma" Oh boy, this parenting thing has really put me in a whirl recently.

Yesterday we decided to head off to Sandringham for a walk in the woods, simply to get out the house. The change of scenery was so lovely, it gave us a chance to chat and walk out in the very fresh air whilst having a little adventure. Wellies came out and hats were put on. We had a really lovely time. We let the boys loose and I think they really appreciated being able to run around without any worries, it's definitely one thing I do love about the woods is that they can explore away from roads and we rarely bumped into another person.

I'm hoping this next week things will be bright like this weekend, I feel it blew the cobwebs away.. fingers crossed. I've got a week of getting back into OU work and plenty of blogging to keep me busy, as well as mummy duties. Freddie has a party to go to on Thursday night and we've got a party to book for him as in less than 3 weeks, we've a little boy turning 5!! (Don't get me started!)
The word that sums up this week I think, would be worrying!

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  1. Oh dear, sorry you've had such a worrisome week. It's so hard when they're not themselves and you just don't know why. I do hope he's brighter at school this week and you can worry less. Well done on your assignment! Still waiting on mine to come back, so I'm focusing on my next block! Hope you have a better week x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. It really is, I'm a worry guts as it is so when something isn't right all round it bothers me no end!I hope with his birthday coming up he'll cheer up a little :) thank you! I felt gutted but actually it's not so bad, a score is very personal haha! Xx