Haircuts, Losing Weight and a Giant Strawberry #LittleLoves

Apologies, I didn't join in last week. I drowning in assignment work and by the time I remembered it was Monday and it was almost another week around. Aren't these weeks just flying by?

*really crappy quality pic alert* I'm on a new book and about 1/4 the way through it, I'm really loving it! I'm pretty sad though, because I've not been able to read for the last few nights due to doing my assignment. It's been holding everything up, but I'm glad the deadline is near - means the end is near! I've also been reading.. and re-reading notes and what I've typed on the screen. I think I'm going a little mad, ha ha!

Last week I watched my boys get their hair cuts. Both brilliantly behaved. I love how smart they look when they get a tidy up and hey, I got a trim up too. I'm yet to take a snap of that but I've gone back to a side fringe and I kinda love it!

As for TV, only The Voice for me. I cannot wait to get back to watching some Netflix! I'm desperate to watch Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars, but have promised myself it as a treat once my assignment is in!

I've heard lots of whinging at the moment, Freddie is going through the 'not wanting to do anything you ask' phase which is a little tiring especially when it comes to bedtime/bathtime/go to the loo time! Noah's had a couple of bumps this week resulting in tears. I have to say I'm glad its half term.. hoping a few days of calm will change the atmosphere!

I feel like I've been making and eating constantly, but I clearly can't be - however I've lost a total of 11lbs in 3 weeks and this makes me very happy indeed! I'm really beginning to notice changes. I've made the Slimming World 12 syn cake tonight which was pretty lovely! :D


I've been wearing my flannel shirt simply because its fairly thick and warm, because the frosty mornings have been back this week after a couple of warm days. Brr! Noah and I have been sporting our wooly hats. He's super cute as he gets the hats and goes 'hat! Mumma, hat!' so we have to put our hats on before leaving to fetch Freddie on the school run!

and lastly..

I found this huge strawberry in our punnet. It was enormous! It also tasted as good as it looked ;)


  1. What a HUGE strawberry!
    I like the look of that book, I spotted it in Waterstones and almost bought it. You'll have to let me know what you think when you've finished it xx

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