Dream Interiors

Even though we live in a rented property, we have made it home as best we can - that's the main goal for moving in. You move things around to suit and pick all the things that will fit well into your little space. I find this the most exciting part, the decorating (once you get the permission) and I love looking for the interiors to bring the whole place alive.

I’ve noticed over the last few years I’ve officially turned into my mum, which will never be a bad thing because she’s the best. I've got her passion for recreating a room; I’ve also got her love for neutral for the most part with splashes of colour or/and pattern. Over the last year we’ve given most of the house a new lick of paint (we’re yet to do the hallway, landing and toilet) and I think out of them all, my favourite is being our bedroom. I love the light and airy feel that’s in there with the mint paint, but there’s so much more I want to do. I feel it’s half done and it always comes down to finances for us as we’re desperately trying to save this year for bigger and better things.

Despite that, I still can’t help but think and dream about what we’d buy for our dream property. It’s quite an odd thing to think about sometimes, but Chris and I, always have the same ideas when it’s come to practical things. Particular things like cushions, ornaments or bed covers, probably not but things like colours and fittings we usually have a way of finding something we both quite like. We very often chose the ones that will last and will fit with many looks, because like my mum, I’m always onto my next project with the house.

I’d love to have a book wall in my house, we home many books that are stacked in boxes in the bottom of the wardrobe which is a shame. It’d be nice to have the storage to be able to keep the books out. I reckon with the help of somewhere like B&Q or Wickes we’d be able to mostly do it ourselves, creating shelves and a unit - we'd be saving a huge cost.


I’d also really love a photo/prints wall in my lounge; it’s something I’m already starting to plan in my head and I don’t really see why it couldn’t become possible. We use the Command Strips on our walls for hanging pictures and they’ve done an amazing job so far! It’s the little details that really help bring the room together. I love really personal items displayed in the home, it creates a homely atmosphere.

One thing we’d love if we moved into our own house is having some really good quality blinds that do black out (because I love a really dark room!), we really like the look of the VELUX blinds, and they appear really easy to fit also which is a added bonus!

Over time I have shared a few posts on interiors and what we’d love to do if money was no object – Living Room Makeover and Etsy Print Wishlist. Our ideals have never really changed, but we've found it’s down to learning about the space you’re blessed with.

What would your dream interiors be?

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