Top 5 Posts of 2015

January is the month of Little and Big's Birthday. I remember setting it up when I was heavily pregnant with Noah, wanting to step back into the land of writing again, just to document and take up a hobby again. I've hosted a few blogs in my life and looking back now, I wish I had kept them as there were many precious memories written down. But I moved on. I now know the importance of keeping everything together and treasuring it dearly.

Now it's approaching our 2nd Birthday, I'm reflecting back on the last year and seeing what you guys enjoyed reading from this blog of mine and it appears to be the posts where I've bared my feelings for all to see. I'm generally a heart on the sleeve type person - I'm emotional (trust me on that!) and I love that this blog is becoming a place where I feel comfortable to talk about my thoughts.
We've had a bit of a make over as I decided for a new year, we needed a fresher look, plus it's like a present to ourselves. I also made it important to place the tagline 'Treasured Thoughts & Memories' because that's what's special to us here. Maybe I've finally found where this blog fits; in soaking up all the moments we have. We also managed to grab ourselves a domain! I was so excited especially as Chris helped me to get it set up right, it's been something I've wanted to do for a long time but I'm really pleased it's all worked together and was a smooth transition!

Enough waffling and here are your top 5..

  1. A Big Moment
    I found this post incredibly difficult to write, it took me a couple of days to write it and reword it, simply because I was heartbroken. It's a memory that'll forever stay with me. It's amazing to think this was nearly a year ago!
  2. Whoa
    Time is hard over the Summer Holidays and I was really feeling it. 4 weeks into the Summer and I think I finally got my head around Freddie starting school after being terribly emotional all the months before!
  3. Home
    I remember writing this after a lovely weekend away with one of my best friends, we had a lovely time but there's something special about coming home and seeing my boys. Home is where the heart truly belongs!
  4. Where's my Invite?
    An inspired post by El when she texted me and was in the middle of the 'Friday Feeling' - something as a Stay at Home Mum I recognised I didn't get but looked for a way to find that feeling..
  5. Freddie's first Toucan Box
    We're going back to the first opening of a Toucan Box, Freddie was really excited to get some post of his own - here we wrote what we thought about the craft box that comes through the letterbox!


  1. Happy 2nd birthday 😄🎉🎉🎉💝💝💝 and the blog looks amazing. I love the tag line too xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! It's not until the 26th but can't believe how fast it's flown by!
      You're so kind :) xxx