The Start of my Journey - Take Two! #memyselfandI

One of my blogging goals this year was to join in with more linky's and generally put myself out there a little more, so I selected a few before the new year that I wanted to be a part of. I also wanted it to be maintainable and really explore other parts of my personality or life. As part of that, I chose this monthly one as I had made a promise to myself this year to eat healthier and get to a place where I felt better about myself, ideally losing some weight along the way!

I'm hoping with this linky that I can share some food posts that I'm taking as part of a journey with Slimming World and also any results of any kind whether that's what I've lost this month or a non scale victory!

Top Left: A chuck it together of a grilled tomato, new potatoes, pepper, peas and sliced turkey cut up small and fried egg done in frylight.
Top Right: Green Tea with a Muller Light and chopped strawberries.
Bottom Left: Chicken, peppers and onion with noodles
Bottom Right: Ham, onion and mushroom omelette with beans and sauce.

I've been feeling a lot more relaxed about it as I've done Slimming World before from home and did lose quite a lot over the course of a few months, but I ended up falling off the wagon last April due to my brother falling ill and at the time, I just lost all motivation to carry on and it annoyed me that it had that effect on me. Inevitably I put on all the weight I lost and some more, which feels horrible to admit but something clicked in me after Christmas. I felt horrible and really unfit, my clothes felt snug, doing daily jobs felt like a chore as I was unmotivated and felt so out of breath. I've got this problem at the moment where I don't really feel comfortable being naked in the same room as a mirror - that was when I knew I had to sort myself out because I've never felt that insecure about the way I had looked. I've never been one to flaunt it by no means, but I never felt really disgusted before, so on 31st December I started to make a few changes.

Jacket Potato topped with Diet Coke Chicken.

I didn't do the whole 'new year, new me' just a lets just do it from today and just be a bit better when I can. Chucking more veg in food and cooking from scratch - oh and totally cutting down the takeaways and meals out. I feel all of these has helped and pushed me to a good start. Feeling better in yourself is first and foremost and that's what stage I'm at - I feel better than I did last month and physically I don't feel like my clothes are tight or I'm out of breath all the time so I'm going with that. We'll see how this month goes and hopefully you'll follow me on this journey once again (or the first time if you've just visited)!

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  1. I've heard slimming world is really good - wishing you all the best! #memyselfandI

    1. Same, it's crazy how much some people have lost through it - I'm hoping one of them is me! X

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to #memyselfandI and I look forward to seeing how well you do on your journey. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and that's usually my call to action to get back on with things Good luck :)

    1. You're welcome! Thank you. I'm hoping I'm going to do well, can't wait to explain more at the end of the month!! :)
      Yes feeling snug is just a horrible feeling so I just knew and found the motivation from there really! Thanks :) xx

  3. Thanks for joining up with #memyselfandi I'm really looking forward to following your journey. The food look delicious