Streaming Tears, The Danish Girl and Iconic Deaths #LittleLoves

Hi! It's a little surreal to believe it's Friday again, 2016 you're already making a start on whizzing by! Here's a quick little round up of what I've been doing this week.

I literally finished reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes late last night before I fell asleep. I ended with a snotty nose and tears streaming - if the Husband had seen me he'd think something truly awful had happened but luckily, he was on the way home from work as I was blowing my nose and sorting out my emotional self. For me, it ended up getting better in the second half and for a thick book it held itself well - I can't believe they're currently making a film on it, I'm going to have to go alone with a new box of tissues and quietly sob on the end of the row. 
Now for a new book..


Sunday I went on a girl date with the bestie and we went to see a film I've been dying to see for months. The trailer looked amazing and the film as a whole surpassed my expectations. I was a little gutted with the reviews on this one as a lot of people felt it was too glossy, but I really loved it. It was incredibly moving and you could really see the struggles and growing within the characters. It's definitely one of my favourite films of all time - I'd go and see it a million times more! Eddie Redmayne needs to win all the Oscars for this! (Sorry Leo!)

Also at the weekend, The Voice was back which I was really excited about and I found out that Silent Witness was back but had been on the previous week which I was so gutted - someone usually says something to me or it'll pop up on my Twitter but it didn't happen so ended up being behind and now catching up on iplayer. (I still don't think it's the same without Harry & Will!)

Like everyone all over, I've watched the Carpool Karaoke with Adele. Wow how awesome was it? I love the carpools and I'm a massive fan of James Corden so it was pretty brilliant. I find these videos a big lift up for when I'm feeling a little crappy as I end up singing and laughing along.


We've been eating pretty healthy as a family over the last couple of weeks (apart from my fussy eater and the Pizza hut I ate on Sunday..). We've been chucking more veg into meals and doing everything from scratch and as I'm on Slimming World I've been looking for more 'Free' meals and this was our favourite from this week - Diet Cola Chicken. It was absolutely delicious, we shall definitely make this one again!


Heading out on Sunday, I jumped out of my everyday wear and smartened myself up by painting my nails, putting my smartish sleeveless jacket - basically matching up a little more. I felt pretty lovely and girly!

and lastly..

 I'm utterly gutted by all the death we have had in the media this week, it's been really sad especially for me, Alan Rickman. He was a actor I knew well and enjoyed a lot of his stuff, it might be something to do with age or the type of things I prefer, but the death of David Bowie was pretty shocking. However, I wasn't really a fan of his in any way so it didn't hit me emotionally like Rickman's - I literally gasped as it popped up on my Twitter yesterday.



  1. I've always wanted to try that diet coke chicken but never got round to it. Might have to put it on the menu for next week.
    Eddie Redmayne is brilliant isn't he. No matter what he's in it's always fantastic. Have a good weekend x

    1. Ooh do put it on your menu, it was really lovely! It does sound a little odd but tastes wonderful.
      He's definitely becoming one of my favourite actors as of late, his performance was perfect as usual!
      Thank you and you too xx

  2. Oh diet cola chicken! Looks delicious. Please share the recipe!

  3. It really was! You can find the recipe by typing in 'Slimming World Diet Coke Chicken' in Google and it'll come up :) enjoy! Xx

  4. I'm so sad about Alan Rickman, I felt quite bereft yesterday! I love the wee glimpse of your coat there, it looks fab! Hope you have a good weekend

    1. It's really sad isn't it? Bless his soul.
      Hehe thanks - you too xx

  5. Ooh the diet coke chicken looks yummy, my friend made that last week too and has been raving about it. Will definitely be giving it a go this week!
    Really want to see the Danish Girl, I love love love Eddie Redmayne :) xx #littleloves

    1. It was really lovely, definitely worth a try :)
      Yes me too, he's brilliant isn't he? He's spectacular in The Danish Girl so I 100% recommend you go and see it! Xx

  6. I was supposed to go and see The Danish Girl last week but my husband ended up having to go to London for work so I had to stay in with the girls. It looks beautiful so I really hope I get to see it before it goes out of the cinema.
    The chicken looks delicious, I'll have to google the recipe. xx

  7. Oh dear! I really hope you get to see it, it's worth a watch - I get the feeling you'd really like it!
    It's a lovely easy recipe so I recommend you give it a whirl! :) xx