New Words, Slimming World and Daydreaming #LittleLoves

I'm wanting to get more involved with linky's this year, so here goes.

My resolutions this year is all about reading. I adore reading and over the last few years, it dipped and dipped until I realised that one novel in a whole year.. was pretty shameful. So I've change my ways and I'm currently reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes which I am enjoying! It's not particularly a book I can't put down but there is something that continues to hold my interest, which is never a bad thing!

I've been watching The Tudors on Netflix. It's something I wanted to watch when it was on TV but never caught it. It's about Henry VIII, and it's really interesting to watch a period drama which holds some history within - it's something that reminds me about school; I used to be fascinated about him!

My boys are a pair of chatterboxes together and alone, so it's been a rather cute week.
Noah is starting to talk more so we've had more words and a build up of sentences in the last few days - it's so adorable! New ones such as "Ears" "Mouth" "Poo Poo" "Drink". 
Freddie has been coming home and discussing more about his day with us now, I think he's settled and into routine with school that he feels he can share more openly. He's been telling us some Spanish words and I got a full detail of what the word "Transparent" meant last night as they tested 3 different materials, Wood, Metal and Glass. I just love listening to what he knows, it does surprise me though because I never realised they really touched upon them type of things so young, but I suppose it's not reaching the depth you discuss at GCSE - ha!

I'm back on Slimming World/eating a bit healthier so I'm making all the recipes at the moment. Last weekend I made a large batch of pea and bacon soup which has been heavenly through the week as a quick fill me up. I also made SW's yummy Lasagne and Chicken Supreme. 
The Frittata I made the other day was especially lovely!

Mostly my PJ's. I've been finding myself on these dark afternoons, coming in from the school run and just wanting to get into something comfy and just not give much thought to what I'm wearing.
However when I'm in clothes I'm being very mumsy in jeans, long top and scarf. *must remember to take a photo occasionally*

and lastly..
I'm obsessed with my house. Since the Christmas decs have come down, I've been daydreaming up how I'd like to change my living room into a bit more of a "Pinterest-y place" using that very loosely... I moved a few pieces of furniture around and it seems to have inspired me. The walls seem so bare and there's so much room. I'd love to do a photo wall in there! We'll see how we go.. (especially as my other resolution is to save money this year!)



  1. Awesome blog! I can't believe I haven't found it before! :D Love it xx

  2. Pinterest is great for house decoration ideas! Definitely a go-to place for inspiration! I watched the Tudors {not all of it} and what I saw of it was really good. Enjoy! Lovely round up of #littleloves x

    1. It really is a place to look and lust isn't it?
      Yes, I'm really enjoying it at the moment being on season 3, it's amazing to think it actually happened! Thank you xx

  3. LOVE the Tudors. I watch it again and again - although that may have something to do with being slightly in love with Henry Cavill and Jonathan Reece Myers. Have a great week x

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they? Henry Cavill makes me swoon! I can't stop watching it so I don't blame you for repeatingly watching it Xx

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  4. Welcome to Little Loves! I love discovering new blogs through this linky.
    Pinterest is such an obsession for me and is a massive help for inspiration while we work on our house. I'm sure you'll find lots of ideas on there.
    Have a lovely week xx

    1. Thank you and welcome!
      There's always plenty of ideas - I never quite know which one to do. Xx

  5. I am slowly working my way around the home too, like you said, it doesn't go too well with trying not to spend all our money haha. We bought a new headboard that arrived yesterday. I'm chuffed with it as I couldn't stand the other one and whenever we were vlogging I would want to avoid our room. Now I feel I could have a Zoella style shoot in front of it and be happy but there's certainly a long way to go. Those fritatas look so yummy. Everyone is on slimming world, I think we need to jump on the band wagon for sure. All these posts are showing me how yummy the food can be. I've never watched the Tudors, I do have a bit of a thing for Jonathan Rhys Meyers though so maybe I should, haha. That can be one when the hubby is in engrossed on his kindle. He gets jealous very easily x

    1. Yes we're trying our best to save for the summer and driving etc etc. There's always so much to save up for! Aww I'm so glad you're happy with your headboard, definitely little things like that, that makes it worthwhile - I'm sure it'll give Zoe a run for her money ;)
      I'm enjoying SW it is quite good for losing the lbs, I'm sure you would too as for The Tudors you'd love it if you're a massive fan of JRM! He's all over it haha! Xx