This week has been pretty quiet in terms of things going on - it's been them few days were nothing substantial has happened as it's been time to catch up on the things we've fallen behind. I'm studying what feels like day and night at the moment as I have an assignment due on 18th Feb so I just want to put my effort in completing that, so I can enjoy a few nights off before cracking on with my last assignment. This course has gone so quick, but I think I'm at that point where I'm looking forward to finishing.

I've also been hit with illness this week which hasn't really helped with the whole focusing on my assignment, but I've done more than I thought I was going to, so I'm thankful for that. A sore throat and earache had me knocked out for a couple of days this week and I really struggled. I couldn't keep my hearing aids in at all yesterday as my ears hurt too much - noises would go straight through me. Eating was a chore as I could only really eat soft foods, at a almost painful rate. It made me feel so guilty as all I wanted was to be alone and tucked up in the utter silence and just try and get through it. It relieved me that Chris had a couple of days off so he could take over on that front, so I think I wasn't 'missed' as my pair are complete Daddy's boys (even my baby - SOB!).
I'm glad that today it's over with and we're able to enjoy our weekend together!

The whole illness thing didn't go well with the trying to eat better this week, despite it only being 3 days, I stuck to plan and lost 6lbs which I was completely blown away about.. I had been a lot better and not picking at any naughty stuff, mostly because I didn't fancy it. I was so happy and it's really given me the motivation and inspiration I needed to get going - It also made me realise how much rubbish I ate beforehand! It's kind of exciting to have a new venture to begin especially with such a great start - I love that it coincides with my New Year's resolutions!

We've started talking about the future this week and in quite different dynamics. Freddie keeps saying things like "I wish there were more people who lived in our house" and "you're the only girl in our house aren't you mum? I think we need more" - on the way home from school on Thursday he started talking about our house and then saying "I'd like another Noah". It's really, really cute. However we haven't exactly planned on any additions for a little while, but I guess it's nice to have his approval?
We've also began thinking and questioning holidays because now the boys are growing up, it'd be nice to have some proper family time. One being Disneyland - I personally really want to go, I've never been abroad and it's an exciting prospect but it's all so much money. It's a lovely daydream to have though when you're feeling ill and not much else going on at the moment. I guess we'll have to keep trying on the lottery ;)

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  1. Sorry to hear you've been so ill this week, though yay to the weight loss! Every cloud and all that! I hope you manage to get back into studying and get that assignment completed to your satisfaction x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Yeah it wasn't great bug I'm glad to sat I've seen the back of it nearly now. Weigh loss was probably boosted by the fact I was on minimal food for 3 days haha! :) thank you, the assignment is doing well xxx

  2. Ah glad you are feeling better, and ooh another addition to the family? As for Disney we love it, and there are ways of doing it quite cheaply if you shop about and book it all separately to make it much cheaper that the travel agents price x

    1. It's something that Freddie keeps bringing up, we're a bit toing and froing on it atm, but maybe later in the year we'll think about it seriously.
      Ooh we shall have to have a look at that! We were thinking for next year but shall have to shop about :D thanks for the tip! Xx