Dear Noah {21 Months}

Hi there my cheeky boy,
It hasn't been that long since I last wrote to you but so much has changed over these last few months. You've changed. You're getting so much bigger and braver, also a little bit of a monkey at times but you're also the loveliest of little lads.
I can't believe you're going to be 2 in 3 months time, it seems so strange to think you've been here that long when I can remember the first few minutes of your birth like it was yesterday. Thinking of a name and trying to place one with your face, you weren't really any of the names we picked out but Noah seemed to slot in just right. You were our baby Noah (although we kept slipping up and calling you Archie here and there for the first few days!) but nearly 2 years has passed since then!

Recently you've become a Daddy's boy which I think is the biggest change of all, I have to say I miss the Mummy 'clingyness' but we think this is down the the fact that Daddy probably gets down on the floor and plays with you more and the fact he's out the house more. We have our own thing. We have a dance and jump stand off which is always pretty funny. We have the Mum, Mumma, Muuuummaaa giggles and all the morning/afternoon snuggles on the sofa as you shout out 'Woo's' to the Twirlywoo's or we read a Peppa Pig book called 'What's the time?' where you do the actions to brushing their teeth, or blow when they're eating pizza, or even the 'n'night' when they go to sleep. You're at the terribly cute stage where you're still trying to get out all the big words and are starting to make a stand at explaining yourself. It's really special because I know it won't be long until you're talking 'properly' so I make sure I appreciate and soak up all the cuteness of it. I love listening to you babbling on and I love when you point and say a word clearly. It all gets treasured. You're our baby boy and that's what you'll always be. Your soft fluffy white hair, squeaky squeal and those little peg teeth are a part of your character.

You're really different to your big brother, you have a more devilish side and this leads to you trying to get your way when you know you shouldn't be doing something - you flash that adorable toothy smile and hope for the best, but you know when you've pushed it too far as you stop and come over and give us a kiss. You're definitely enjoying having a sibling as you have this way of winding Freddie up without really putting much effort in. He simply says something is a certain way and you go 'No, no, no' and you just go backwards and forwards till one of you just moves on. Sometimes he tells you something and you nod like you're really listening intently and it's one of the funniest things to watch. But, generally most of the time he's your very best friend. You run around giggling and playing, getting told to 'be careful' too many times, you both have to be equal and have the same of everything.

You love your food and will pretty much eat anything we give you bar the typical salad (tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce) they're usually greeted with a 'what the hell is that?' face. This is fine because you love everything else, they'll become tastes you'll maybe enjoy as you grow. You are growing so fast these days, you're shooting up and your feet are now a size 5G, you're only 2 1/2 sizes out to your big brother at the moment. You're currently taking a few of his getting smaller clothes that are still in decent condition and it's become quite funny to see you both together as you don't look all that different now despite there being 3 years between you.

Noah you really are something pretty special. You make me laugh on a daily basis and have the sweetest little face, you're a grown toddler and I love that you know what you want for yourself on a daily basis. Looking back at your 18 & 1/2 Months post, I realise how grown you look and how independent you've become. You wipe your own face, you're starting to sit up the table rather than in the high chair, you're using a fork and spoon properly to eat and you're walking the school run most days.
Oh I adore you little guy. I love you lots and lots like Jelly tots,
Mum Mum xx

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