Blog turns Two, Silence and a Mystery Solved! #LittleLoves

This week was the blog's birthday! It turned two on Tuesday and I had a moment where I sang 'Happy Birthday' to it in my head and smiled at the knowing there's two years worth of memories written on this corner of the Internet. I was going to take pictures of me blowing out a candle in a cupcake type thing, but we couldn't find a candle for the life of us and Chris looked in every shop in the village; you guessed it.. there wasn't any. We was going to do it the next day but it kinda lost it's momentum by then! Ahh at least the cake was nice! But, happy birthday blog!

I'm still reading Better Together by Sheila O'Flanagan - I'm half way now and it's starting to hot up, the main character has found a love interest and I'm all like that best friend who's excited for someone's first date!

I've not watched an awful lot. The Voice and a Chick Flick called 'Save the Ball' which I absolutely loved! I wished it last forever because it was so funny and a little different to some other Chick Flicks - it's on Netflix if you fancy it! (gosh, I'm noticing how much of a head in the clouds girl I am right now!)

The funny thing is, well it's not that funny but as I've been pretty poorly the last 3 days with a sore throat and earache - today it's progressed to a cough too. But I've been keeping my Hearing Aids out for the majority of the day as it helps with the pressure of having them in, plus noises don't hurt them anymore than they already do. I've noticed Noah playfully screaming as toddlers do and it goes right through me so I'm glad I didn't have them in - so a lot of silence this week which has been pretty lovely!


I've really enjoyed being back on the Slimming World wagon this week, it's been really fun and I've found myself being a lot more at ease with the plan second time around. I suppose it's because I know how it works and the terms about it all. We've been getting creative in the kitchen and I've been using up leftovers and generally experimenting with what we've got. This is my favourite meal of the week!

I have also 'made' a new SW account as I lost the log in's for my previous one so if you fancy having a peek it's @imogenesw - I'm finding it easier to post my meals and follow others doing the same - do say hi if you do pop over :)

Nothing overly exciting, full on Mumma wear. Life has been full of school runs, studying and blogging so everything this week screamed comfort. (however I did notice how fitting the Jeans were this week.. probably something to do with the new below..)

and lastly..

Seeing as I've been poorly and haven't really done anything exciting over the last few days (I've got a deadline soon!), the big news is I lost 6lbs this week! I made the SW Instagram last Friday and decided to weigh myself and actually do it the proper way but from home - I am so happy and so pleased with myself. I find it crazy that it's even possible to lose that much! I've been eating quite a lot too, until I fell ill then it's been mainly "soft" stuff but it's a big win for me and a serious motivator to keep it up!

Oh and for last week's anonymous post - I found the source and felt very silly as it was a book I registered to review for NetMums. I got a email through 4 days ago and was like 'oops!' but at least we all know where it's from and I still can't wait to read it, I think it's my next one!



  1. I'm on the slimming world bandwagon too! Finding it a little bit harder as I can't have dairy, and a lot of the treats and some free foods contain dairy, but I've lost nearly 9lbs this month so far (weigh in day tomorrow!) so it's doing the trick!

    1. Oh no that does rule out quite a bit but you can enjoy a lot of the other things. 9lbs is amazing amount to lose, I hope you did well on your weigh in today! :) xx

  2. I love a good chick flick! That meal looks really yummy, I'm hungry now! Have a great weekend xx #LittleLoves

    1. Haha I love a chick flick too! I find them so easy and warming to watch so I love being tucked up in bed with a cuppa and falling in love too!
      Thank you, you too :) xx

  3. Well done for losing all that weight! I've just started Slimming World (again!) today so I've followed you on your IG account. Happy 2nd blog birthday! Have a great weekend x

    1. Aww thank you!! I did notice you had started following me, I hope we can inspire each other in some ways! :) I'm sure you're going to do amazingly! You too lovely xx

  4. Aww Happy 2nd Birthday to you writing and to your blog's presence on the world wide web! Ohh and great loss on slimming world too ;-) xxx

    1. Ahh thanks Traci! :) I know I was shocked! Wasn't expecting that much of a loss - really happy though! xx