Toucan Box #6 | Jellyfish

I'm always really excited to do a craft with my biggest boy. the added excitement of what's in the box is great for a little conversation (Freds imagined it was a 'make a chicken' package - an idea?) - the outer packaging holds no clues as to what's sitting in the middle.
Unwrapping we found the contents to make what appeared to be a hanging Jellyfish. I've seen this box appear on their Instagram from other people, so it was intriguing to see what we thought of it after so many really enjoyed it.

The instructions for this was fairly straightforward, there were no paints or glue - everything was provided except for the scissors. It was quite nice not having the messy factor, but somehow I felt something was missing because of it; we enjoyed the getting everything out and creating something, so whilst it helped on the clearing up I missed the getting stuck in with a messy craft.

The best part of the activity was the playing with them in the end. We put them up on our lounge back windows with the suction hooks that are provided; the gold strings bring the jellyfish up whilst gravity seemingly pulls them down. The boys were so excited to play with them that it kept them entertained for a good half hour and has been played with every day. I think I may have to replace the ribbons soon as they're fraying, however it's still a game that's loved in this house.

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  1. I like the look of this one! I see what you mean about the messy factor although a lot of the time mess-free is a good thing for me! x