Stepping into 2016

I really feel out of sync with this blogging malarkey at the moment. My mind keeps drifting and I have to pull myself back to get my head back in the game, the Christmas break really does this to us doesn't it?
For the last couple of days, I've become ready to start the New Year; I've been itching to get my decorations down and begin another year in our lives.

2015 has been good in terms of my resolutions - I was quite shocked that I managed to succeed in nearly all of them and this years resolutions aren't going to be much different. My mind set is pretty much the same, so maybe not so much shall be changing in the next year?

  • Save Up - We've been discussing it and we want to be a bit more serious about saving where we can and not buying things we don't really need. We don't really splash out but it'd be nice to save up for something bigger rather than spending on the little things.
  • Eat Healthier - I really had hoped to continue my weight loss journey a lot further than I did. I really lost my motivation when my brother fell suddenly ill and as an emotional eater, it never sorted itself out, but it's time it did! I've already started this one!
  • Read More - I read more than I did in 2014 which was a shocking 1 book, but this year I've read a total of 8 novels, but I'm hoping to up that to at least 1 book per month in 2016!
  • Get Organised - I am usually organised but I've found myself slipping up a few times because I haven't checked ahead or written it down at the time I needed so this year I want to change that especially now that Freddie is at school.
In all this last year has been pretty busy, it's not until you think through all that you've done that you realise. Every day builds up another layer to your emotions and character - we've had many emotions this last year with Freddie starting school and Noah's Milestones. I fear it won't change in 2016, if anything expand. 

If anything this year has taught me, it's to slow down and enjoy the little things more because you really don't know what's going to happen. Those little people are growing and you don't really want to miss it.

I'm feeling refreshed and ready to go, how about you?

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