Milestones: School Nativity

I think if 2015 was to be remembered for something I'd say it'd be for the Milestones. We've reached so many since our Freddie has started school. It still surprises me over 3 months on that he's actually a pupil to a primary school.

On the 15th December, we hit the School Nativity milestone and it was one that like all the others, brought a tear to my eye. My heart feels so heavy for this little guy of mine, he's grown in leaps in bounds since stepping into his Reception class and it amazes me the stuff he comes out with. Even today he turned round and asked me if I knew what a catastrophe was "because Mummy it's like a disaster, but only way bigger!" - I really do wonder where he finds out this stuff!

The Nativity was at the village church which is literally a short walk away from the school and it was absolutely lovely. His class is a mixed reception and year one and the performance was exclusively for us parents. The school that he attends has such a lovely atmosphere and his teachers are really super, he fits in well and has gained so much confidence since being in there. You can really tell they put the effort in to get the children to do their best in all aspects and it really shone through with this show (one of the TA's actually stitched and made the outfits for them all!).

Freddie was given the part of one of the wise men and he played it rather lovely as did all the other children with their parts. We were surprised with how well behaved they were, it ran so smoothly.
Sitting quite far back it was difficult to get really clear photo's on my phone - but it's there that's all that matters.
I can't believe my little guy has done his first Nativity!

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  1. Aww I loved the Catastrophe comment! Aww bless. Sometimes their growth just seems surreal and you have to pinch yourself to keep up. I am guessing that the start of school for Freddie must be like that. Part of me looks forward to that for my girls and the other part dreads it!