Life Lately ● Illness, Family & Slowing Down For Christmas

My life seems to be a bit of a merry go round at the moment. Full of colour, family and love. Chris & I have decided to be a little spontaneous and shall be taking the boys out after school tonight, I think they'll be dead excited.
I've been a very poor excuse of a Blogger this month. I've really sucked for getting anything down on paper and I can't really find much of a reason why, other than lots of distractions. I have tried a couple of posts but somehow the words didn't come out how I wanted so currently they're in my drafts - I'm hoping I can spit them out sometime soon!

So I may not have been very active on here but on my Instagram, I've been posting regularly. There's something about that site that I can't peel myself away from. I love that if I'm busy, I still can find time to pop a photo and write a little on what we've been doing. If I can't blog it, I still love that I can keep a snippet of a memory of mine.
December in general is chaotic - it's been really hard to keep still for any length of time as every day seems to whizz by. It's definitely more noticeable since the amount of daylight hours seems to rapidly disappear. It hasn't helped that it seems every year around this time I fall ill, therefore making me just want to hibernate along with the sun. It has given me time to catch up with some films and some of my programmes on my Netflix list (I'm talking about watching the whole of S6 of The Vampire Diaries in 4 evenings!) - I've even  made a start on a new book, so I don't feel like it's too negative. I feel like I've needed to step back and just have some time doing them things, things that I enjoy just for me, to refresh and deal with how awful I've been feeling as of late.
I spoke not long ago about how I felt I was snowed under and massively stressed about how I was juggling my life. I have to confess that I still worry about that, but I had to take some time to enjoy my family because with every passing day my boys are undoubtedly growing up (my little Noey has had his first haircut this month! SOB). It has been nice to be in the moment and I feel we've a better relationship because of it, I've seen so many smiles and giggles of late just because I've been spending that little bit more time joining in with what they're doing.

Someone asked how old he was now and I said "Nearly 20 months, he'll be 2 in April" - sitting here doing colouring with him at his little table has made me think WOW. He's looking so grown up with his new haircut, a proper little boy. TIME SLOW DOWN.
 We've actually been ridiculously busy, what with it getting closer to the end of term so we had the hustle and bustle of school routines. They've also been totally out of whack which has put a spin on things and it has tired my poor big boy out as there was just too much going on, especially in that last week. It has led to many grumpy evenings due to overtiredness. His school attended a pantomime and didn't return till after 5pm, he went to a school disco after the Christmas Fair, we also took the boys to the cinema after school, for a little family time to see The Good Dinosaur - all together we were definitely ready for the holidays. We've managed to slow down a little and it feels great to stop a little before the madness starts up again. We've a busy 4 days coming up so I'm glad to keep the boys at home with very little going on till Wednesday!
But first, I'm soaking up the quieter pace!

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