5 top films for getting you in the Christmas spirit!

Some years I can't wait for Christmas to come around and others - like this year - I fail to completely get there. I've been dipping in and out of the mood for the last couple of weeks. I have to say now that the Christmas parcels are getting delivered - I'm getting very close!

Besides the presents coming, the one thing that has really helped is Christmas films. I've been finding new ones on Netflix, some that I've developed a love for over the years and can't wait to sit down and watch.
There's nothing like getting under a blanket (preferably with chocolates) and a Christmassy film; soaking up all the feels. So, if you're like me at the moment, a little out of the spirit and seeming to have to force yourself into embracing Christmas, you should check out my top 5 films for getting in the mood!

1. The Holiday
I simply love this film for the cheesy falling in love, cute and romantic cottage scenes, oh not to mention Jude Law. It's definitely a girl film but it never fails to make me feel warm inside and start thinking of a lovely Christmas with my loved ones!

2. The Santa Clause
I remember watching this film when I was really young and I never knew what it was called, but I found it again a few years back (and now on Netflix!) - I've fallen in love with it all over again. All about a father who doesn't believe his son saw Father Christmas on Christmas Eve, goes on a magical journey to discover all about Christmas and even turns into Santa himself! Definitely one to watch and smile over!

3. Love Actually
This is probably one of the biggest loved Christmas films, possibly ever - I've loved it since my teens and have many fond memories of watching it with family! It's a film that's bound to bring you to a few tears as it's mixed with all types of relationships; it'd be difficult for anyone not to relate to it in some way.
Lots of chocolate and tissues for this one!

4. Noel
This one I've only watched a few times but it was one of my first Christmas films I watched this December and I couldn't help but smile. It's one of them films that isn't in your face Christmas, but the whole Christmas sentiment is there as it tells a story of 5 strangers living in New York and how their relationships are suffering (but obviously has a happy ending!) - it also has the late Paul Walker and Robin Williams in the cast which is a little sad but somehow reflecting. It's a really cute film.

5. Elf
A well loved film by so many and I absolutely adore it! Every Christmas this film comes out and I enjoy it as much the next time as I did the first. All about love, friendships and the true meaning of Christmas - with lots of laughs! It's wonderful for getting yourself into the spirit.

There's my top 5 films that I can't avoid when it comes to Christmas - what are yours?

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