Toucan Box #5 | Calabash


Weekends are very looked forward to in this house. Freddie asks how many days until the weekend every morning as we're putting our shoes on and on the Friday, I do the 'yay it's the weekend!' dance as Freddie looks on like I'm strange.
But it's the WEEKEND. It's only now that he's in school that I truly look forward to it because it undoubtedly means some 1 on 1 time with my big boy, whom I miss very much during the school day. So usually on the Sunday we do his reading homework, word train, have a lunch date and a Toucan Box if we have time before Noah wakes from his nap and I really treasure this time because it's ours and because I really do love encouraging his reading, seeing him developing is special, plus we love a little crafting session!

Opening the Toucan Box and revealing this package has yet to get boring - Freddie can't usually contain his excitement as he rifles through the carefully selected materials and reaching for the instructions. One thing I do really love about these boxes is the fact that Freddie can figure out the steps and I feel this helps him feel more included when it comes to the making.

This boy of mine loves to surprise me at each turn so, inevitably he wanted to do everything himself (I helped straighten out the bit of paper on the balloon as well and cutting up the paper into strips) but he ripped the strips into halves, glued them and placed them onto the blown up balloon (okay I blew that up!). I was surprised he did it for as long as he did as I imagined he'd get bored with it after a few strips but he exclaimed 'I could do this all day!' An invitation for a rainy day activity right there!

He was so proud of himself as he went on about being a big boy and 'just like Mr Maker' making this and it was very enlightening to see him taking the whole activity on.

This activity ended up being a two-parter In that we had to allow the paper to set - I think this is the one thing that Freddie felt bored about was the waiting so we could pop the balloon and decorate. Obviously it's not a downside to the activity because drying time is needed and actually I found that we were both surprised with how sturdy the bowl shape was as it didn't appear to be very thick upon applying; I was worried it'd fall apart as soon as I popped the balloon but it held shape and looked very pretty with the foamy stick-ons!
We found this activity really fun and I'm amazed at how they bring such a great activity for the price. It's a really handy box for if you'd like to do crafty things with your little one but never seem to have all of the items needed - it gives you a bit of a push up in that regard and well, everyone probably assumes I'm overly pinterest-y if they see the pictures without the box ;)
The reality of taking photo's.. Dirty School Jumper and a snotty nose. Lovely.


  1. Looks like he had fun and love the reality of the school jumper and obligatory this time of year nose issues!

  2. He really loved it Traci! I'm surprised it's still hanging around our home.
    Yes, it definitely is reality isn't it? He had been learning how to brush teeth 'properly' at school so got tooth paste all over himself - oh dear! He's often the first one in this house to bring an illness in, keeping my fingers crossed!! X