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October is a special month for us as it holds Mine & Chris's Wedding Anniversary and I think it will forever feel surreal to hit this month, because honestly at the end it's a skip hop and mini jump to Christmas (although in our house we're not to mention it until Chris's Birthday is over with on 2nd November, which was only a couple of days ago!).

We were blessed with 10 days at the end of last month to spend with our biggest boy; time to relax as a family and have fun together in the little moments. There was no rushing around to get out the door or the chore of making a packed lunch and hunting for a school jumper at 8.20am. It was easy and fairly breezy - in all, it was just lovely to spend some time with Freddie as school is still knocking all of his energy. The slower days meant we got to see more of the cheeky guy. It gave me time to recognise how grown he's become since attending school and time for him to rest. He's really surprised me with the things he has shared with us this last month - we even got a bit of Spanish talk at the dining table one evening!

I also started and handed in my first assignment on my access course, I was pretty excited about it all. To me it means making a better future for us all and to be honest it's really quite the novelty to be back being a student; but I feel this time I'm more appreciative of education and what you can achieve with it if you put the hard work in!

What have we enjoyed in October?

- Baking for Halloween Tea Party
- The New Jekyll and Hyde on ITV
- Spending Time with Friends
- Writing the Alphabet with Freddie

- Halloween
- Going to the park with the boys
- Having Time off Work

- New ThunderBirds on CITV
- Going to Birthday Parties
- Reading New Books

- Twirlywoos on Cbeebies
- Blueberries
- Playing Peekaboo
- Going down the slide

(We're joining in with something new this month - The Me & Mine Linky)

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