It's just him.

I still find it amazing that my biggest lad is at an age where he's able to go to school. My heart stops and my eyes sting a little because when I held that baby for the first time, I never imagined really getting to this stage as soon as we did.

But we have and we wave him off to school 5 days a week, coming home it's reading his school books, learn his train words (I'm super proud at how well he's doing with them), sometimes do the occasional piece of homework, food, bath, snuggle and giggle; not necessarily in that order ;) I really miss him when he's not around during the day, you really do notice his absence. When he's home it's so lovely to see and talk to him, the weekends are like living the dream.

We enjoy some proper one-on-one time on Sunday morning/lunchtime when Noah goes off for a nap; we've been doing crafts and having a lunch date and I have to say it's one of my favourite times of the week. It's a time where I get to really soak up everything about him and hang on to his every word, it's time where I really appreciate everything about him and it's a weekly reminder of how much attention he needs and deserves. We get to do what he wants and eat what he suggests (usually a sandwich with chocolate!) and the conversation goes wherever it flows. I simply love it because he's full of character and incredibly curious, but also very considerate. He's constantly thinking and I'd love to be able to pop into his mind every once in a while because he's simply charming.
It's unbelievable at times that I've been a part of this little creation and it makes my being ache with happiness at what a lovely little soul we have with us. He's cheeky and a ball of loveliness.

The above picture just makes me smile, chuckle and want to cry all at once. Why? Because it's his first school picture and it's so 'him'. The slight out of place blonde hair to his bluey-grey bright eyes and messy school jumper (honestly who decided it'd be a great idea to do reception after lunch?), oh, and not forgetting the slightly forced smile on his chops. It's my baby and he looks absolutely adorable. I love it and it's definitely one I'm keeping safe for a long time - I'm also going to print it off for all the family, most likely as a Christmas present. What a little cutie!

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